Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Are You On the Jade Helm Red List and Will You Know When It’s Time to Run?

This is a two part series which deals with critical issues associated with planned round-ups of potential resistance leaders and how to recognize when the extractions will happen. This is very valuable information as it will be important to not be where one is expected to be when the extractions commence.

The second part of this series will discuss the technology that will be employed to hunt down key resistance figures along with counter-intelligence techniques designed evade capture.

There are some universal principles that will be applied when key people are hunted down when the NSA/DHS decides that your Threat Matrix Score is too high and you must be extracted from society so that you cannot do any more damage to the emerging power structure that has hijacked our government. 

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I don't fully subscribe to most of this stuff, but damn, it makes for some interesting discussion at times. Sound off! What say some of you? Don't be scared, even if you believe in a Constitutional America, you're on a list. If you've ever liked anything Patriotic on the internet, you're on a list. No sense in holding back now, let's hear it...


stevierayv said...

I ain't askeert of no list rather proud of it

Stackz O Magz said...

I ain't scurred either vato loco. Tick tock...

Glen Filthie said...

Most of it is quackery in my scholarly opinion.

Up here in Canada we have turd brained liberal morons that make Obama look reasonable. About a decade ago they pushed through a raft of gun control crap that left gun owners spitting nails. A few rose up to challenge it in court and lost; the rest of us just quietly disobeyed the law and went on shooting our guns how we liked. The liberals clucked and quacked about victory and ignored us. But they had also stirred up a LOT of resentment even among those that would otherwise support them.

Emboldened by their success they went on a spree and introduced some of the most contemptible laws in the western world - the so-called 'hate laws'. They set up some kangaroo courts and ruined a few people with them, some of them actually racists, many not - and openly talked about expanding their role into censorship.

In the next election they were kicked to the curb and have been rotting there for at least 8 or 9 years. They can't buy a vote for love or money, gun control laws are ignored by the citizens and cops alike, and our moronic liberals are wondering how it happened.

I suppose the take-away from that is that the idiots will legislate what they want...but at the end of the day, unless they can enforce it they are just hot air. The reality is that the vast majority of our cops only want to eat donuts and walk their beat. Our militaries both hate and loathe liberals and I can't see them waging war against their own people on the say-so of some token baboon like Obama (or Turdo La Doo here in Canada).

Don't sweat it - just vote the bastards out in the next election and you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Glen as we in Amerika don't have a "two party system" anymore, "vote the bastards out" really is no longer an option. Civil war is coming to this continent . Sooner or later its gonna happen. That's what Jade Helm is for, training for the day when the communist dominated federal military dictatorship in DC decides to "reeducate" the "bitter clingers". I have no idea when or how the feds will come --but my gut tells me that the second we the serfs get too "uppity" "they" will drop the hammer on us so hard it will make Stalin , Mao, and Hitler all look like preachers. It CAN happen here , IMO. it's only a question of WHEN.----Ray

Stackz O Magz said...

Nailed it. Thanks Ray.

Glen Filthie said...

We had the exact same problem you did 20 years ago Ray. The political right divided. When that happened, the liberals drove in the wedges, divided us and conquered us. We had the progressive conservatives (who, in Yank parlance, would be equivalent to your RINOs) and the more conservative Canadian Alliance. They couldn't see eye to eye on anything, they made mountains out of mole hills, and they both claimed that the other conservative party was no different from the ruling liberals much as your Republicans and Libertarians do today. Think about it - the feud is so bad, that an utter moron like Obama beat you both up and ate your lunch! If it continues Hillary will do the same in the next election.

You need to mend fences with your Republicans. You will have to compromise with them. You won't get everything you want. If you're smart, you will get some of what you want. If you're stupid, the Donks will deny you everything you want.

Not to lecture or come across as a sanctimonious dink...for my fellow Albertans just voted in the NDP as our provincial gubbermint. To put these guys in perspective for you, they are a party that appeals to smelly elderly hippies, angry homosexuals, and greasy young Marxists and hipsters. Many are probably UFO abductees as well. On a provincial level our conservatives were acting like liberals so maybe Albertans thought that if they were going to get leftist cretins for leaders...they may as well vote for them? Who knows...but in the end Ray...I fear that we are going to get the govts we deserve...good and hard.

Anonymous said...

Guirilla soldiers comb every square meter of the Big Island HI They steal,vadalize,kill and torture my goats- have no respect for private property. These same goons will probably arrest me in the night bc Im a constitutionalist. The ruling elite want America locked down before Nibiru hits.