Friday, November 6, 2015

Creepier than Google Glass? A third eye in the middle of your head

Where cyclops failed, triclops may be the answer.

Where Google Glass failed, sticking a camera in the middle of your head may well be the future. This seems to be the vision of the founders at 3rdiTEK with their 3RDi wearable.

Based in Montreal, this company launched an Indiegogo campaign on Tuesday, one that hasn't yet seen eye-to-eye with too many backers.

The idea is blindingly simple. There's a camera permanently strapped in the middle of your head. It's on a headband. The camera has got autofocus and is high-definition.

Whenever you want to take a picture, you tap the headband. You can even post directly to your favorite social medium.


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That's how this shit starts...

Pretty soon it'll be,  "New Upgraded 3RDi camera is fully integrated into human cerebral cortex interface for the first time in history." And people will love it... 

I believe I will pass. The last thing I need is an implant with first person view plugged into my brain. 

The Borg Hive Mind... It awaits us... 


Ben C said...

I wouldn't mind having this available while driving or interacting with police officers. Not interested any other time really, but those 2 would be kinda handy.

I would have to have control of any data that came off the device though, nothing sent without my express permission.

Leigh in Whitehall said...

MY fps view has reached withdrawal status - I had a dream I was playing BF3, but I was in the game, not at a keyboard.
I am ashamed to say I was bunny-hopping, but it WAS a T-90 that was shooting at me. ;-)
The alarm went off before I could get the third pack of C4 on it. CRAP! I do love my C4 kills as much as my Bowie'd dog-tags. :-)

Fortunately deer season starts in a couple of weeks. A week off around Thanksgiving to decompress in the woods, and savor some nitro-cellulose aroma therapy. My younger daughter got her first deer already, so I guess it is time for Dad to step it up.
I miss being able to live in the woods from September to January. Being a responsible adult has its draw backs, sometimes....

Whitehall, NY