Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

I know it's been a while. Sorry for that. I see the Patriot circles are still at it, and most still hate each other. I hope their dick measuring contests eventually provide us with a winner. Either that, or they should just meet up and have a supervised or sanctioned scrap to get the shit over with. It's been tiring you could say and has turned a lot of people off. So there's that...

My world is really small these days. I work, shoot my M1A, fish, ride jet skis and our 22 ft Tr-toon party barge, and take care of my family. I travel all over East Texas from Texarkana to Terrell to Beaumont for work most of the time, so that's really put a damper on my posting. The traveling plus stupid blogger took their damn mobile app away from us on our cell phones too. I'm not sure that I've actually revealed to you guys and gals what I've been up to for work or not so here goes... We own and manage an ATM Services company. Currently we have 46 ATM's in service paying us 24/7. It's nice to get paid while you sleep. When you can do that, you're fucking winning friends. We do it all in regards to anything ATM. We aren't in debt to any banks, it's all our own money, machines, and labor. Sounds fun right? It is. I would drop you a link to our business page, but I don't want some of you fuckers sending me dick and dildo pics and whatever the fuck else your perverted minds can come up with. There seems to be a fascination with pornography and nudity in blogging for page hits still, so just count me out on that note. 

It's been quite fucking liberating to my soul to not be chained to a desk working for shit management and having the life and soul sucked out of me by greedy investment banker vampire squid types. No shit, at my last job as an industrial valve supplier, I was doing anywhere from 6-10 million in sales a year, making 75 grand a year with a fucking measly bonus of right about 5 grand per year. Yeah, I know, how the fuck did you eat that shit sandwich for so long Stackz? Believe me, I hated every fucking part of it, but had to do what I had to do until something better came along. You know, wife need clothes, baby need shoes and shit bruh...

So far, we've tripled in company size at just over a year of doing this. Not bad right? It all boils down to how bad you want to suffer in the beginning to get your own show up and running in order for the big payback to hit later on. We've been through the struggles of a new business and have pretty much got things sorted to where this thing runs itself. It's been a fun ride so far. Ain't no hill for steppers like us! We've done a ton of charity events, concerts, fairs, junk picking events, and just about any other mobile opportunity to make a buck you can think of. I can have a machine loaded up with a wireless modem, our atm flags/signs, and be gone in 10 minutes. We get paid by the transactions, so I promote the fuck out of it while on location. Y'all didn't know your boy looked so good in a business suit did ya? I clean up alright and mingle with the uppity fucks I loathe so much to keep food on the table. I've hung out with pompous Actors, fucked up Musicians, NFL players, Professional Poker players, a few law makers and former Politicians, Military, had pizza and a beer with Roger Clemens, and stood beside former Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis and listened to the bullshit that comes out of his mouth. He's quite a large fellow if you've never seen him in person. And I just thought I was a big man. Some of you know me in real life, most of you never will. Those of you that I have met in real life, thanks for reaching out and making a connection. Come out to the lake, have a beer, and kick back with me sometime. You're always welcome. 

I've put off becoming a helicopter pilot until I can afford to buy my own bird. That should be a few years away at the rate we are growing our business. It can only go up from here. 

We are considering taking a stab at commercial real estate. Where we live, which is pretty remote lake side type of an environment, every thing shuts down at 9pm. That means no boat gas, no smokes, no beer, or no food until they open the next morning. You can drive 20 minutes into the next city, and even there shit closes at 10pm. We can remedy that problem. I know it. I don't want to run a store, just want to buy a building and fix it up into a store and pay someone to run it for me. 

We have 10 hens and a rooster out back. There are 4 Rhode Island Red hens, and 6 Araucana hens along with a Araucana Rooster who thinks he's the fucking man. They've been a lot of fun raising. They are just now starting to drop eggs! I hope my family likes omelettes. 

That's about all for now. I've missed being around and sharing my thoughts and opines with you folks. I've had several companies ask me since I've been on my walkabout to advertise, write, or consult with them on articles. Ain't nobody got time for that! 

Y'all take care and take care of one another. 

Much love, Stackz


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your pay back from your hard work and dedication. Always nice to hear the Good Guys can win too. Hope the awesome news continues to roll in.

Just be sure to put some stuff back just in case Murphy (Murphy's Law) decides to pay you a visit. So many companies let the good times go to their head and over extend themselves, thinking it will never end. Then when a bad event occurs, they can't pay bills or their employees and things turn around in a hurry.

You sound way smarter than that, but thought it was worth bringing up. Hope you have a great weekend.

Glen Filthie said...

Holy mackaral! He's alive!!!!!

Cripes, that's two ghosts back in one weekend! How the hell are ya, Stackz!

I am so glad things are going well. But, Jesus, kid - be careful! Now that you're doing well every huckster you come across is going to want a piece of you. Stay vigilant my friend, especially around the big guns. My scholarly advice is this - dabble in real estate, and never go all in. That market goes straight up, and straight down. And stay away from the choppers. What is that, with fuggin Marines and rotorcraft? You have a beautiful wife - what is there to love in those demon machines?

Finally - you're in the fast lane, kid. I was a cog in the corporate machine all my life, still am... and you've blown my doors off already! But I've seen shooting stars fizzle out too. Watch your kids like a hawk, Stackz. They're in that fast lane with you. Stay humble, faithful and stay smart! And God bless!

MattB said...

Congrats on your success!!! Keep up the good work! Thanks for the great update. Was beginning to think you had gone feral and not coming back.

pigpen51 said...

You are living the life that many dream of. I am retired due to disability. Chronic near daily migraines have taken me down to the point that I have a hard time holding down a job that requires me to work for 8 to 12 hours a day in the steel foundry that I worked for 35 years that I spent from my high school graduation. I am not a person who actually wants to be lazy, I have worked since I was 11 years old. I am 57 now.

I would love to do the kind of gig that you have. I must ask you, what is involved in getting started in your business, as far as educating myself, and also capitol influx at the beginning. I am of slightly above average intelligence, and have a little working capitol if needed. I just wonder if it is something that pays well enough to make it worth while. Sorry to ask you such personal information, but it is important to me. If you choose not to answer, I fully understand. Thanks for your time.