Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday link drop

Recently, a friend of the blog over at Ammo.com turned me on Soldiers' Angels. 

Soldiers' Angels offers programs for wounded, deployed, families, and others. Most of their programs could not be possible without the support of the wonderful Angels who dedicate their time, money and talents, to the organization.

As you all know, I've always supported our Vets and Military. We should. We need to. You should too.

This organization is doing real work folks. Go check them out at the link above and pass on the word if you can. The more folks that know about this organization the better!

If you have time to read a little bit extra today, drop by Ammo.com and read some of their articles. You'll enjoy it.  https://ammo.com/articles


jon spencer said...

Soldiers Angels is one of the highest rated charities too.

Alex said...

Appreciate the shout out and glad we could turn you onto Soldiers' Angels!

They are a great organization and we are proud to support them.