Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Monster Monopile

Monopile: A single, generally large-diameter, foundation structural element to support all the loads (weight, wind, etc.) of a large above-surface structure.

This monopile weighs a total of 1,302.5 tons, its diameter is 7.8 meters, and it is 82.2 meters long - making it the World’s Heaviest Monopile ever produced for an offshore wind project!

Made at EEW SPC Rostock Germany.


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Anonymous said...

Imagine the energy that goes into this one component of a wind generator. From harvesting the iron ore to smelting it. From transporting the ore and then transporting the finished steel to manufacturing this single item. The energy used in manufacturing including the energy used by the people who manufacture it. The energy used to put it together and install it. Then add in all the other components which all use a lot of energy to build. How much energy will this create in it's lifetime? Well the industry will lie to you and they will use the various subsidies they get to cloud the issue but put simply wind generation uses more energy to manufacture and maintain then they ever produce. Why do we build these? Because someone, usually a good friend of a politician, makes a lot of money building them.