Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Americans rushed to buy more guns after August shootings: FBI

Gun sales in the US soared in the month of August after a series of high-profile shootings in the country, FBI data shows.

The FBI posted 1.7 million background checks required of gun buyers at federally-licensed dealers. This is the highest number seen in any month of August since the checks began in 1998, according to a USA Today report published on Saturday.

The soaring statistics come hot on the heels of monthly records for months of June with 1.5 million and July with 1.6 million background checks, a period that marked a series of deadly gun attacks from Charleston to Roanoke.

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As a matter of fact, I'll be the proud new owner of my father's J-Frame .38 come this Friday... Mama got herself a LC9s.

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