Monday, September 21, 2015

New old steel

Had a pretty damn eventful weekend. I was smothered and covered with a little too much estrogen for my liking, but I still managed to finally get my hands on Dad's old pistol and see a ton of the ladies in my family that I care about.
I had seen Dad's pistol sitting over there on the night side table for many years. When he passed, my Mama just kind of left it sitting there for a while. I understand why. She finally put it away and it's been alone in the dark for the last 5 years, lonely, and itching to belong in a shooter's hands again. I know it's not a vintage king cobra or python, but it was my Dad's, and it means the world to me to have it in my possession now. Yet another heirloom that will never see the sandwich clamps of another owner outside of the family. I would imagine most of my 2A friends who come to read here have children or significant others who will inherit their armories and collections one day, so you guys know what I'm saying... None of mine have ever gone up for sale nor will they. I'll work 2 shifts a day and a 3rd on Sunday at McDonalds and donate plasma before that ever happens.

Smith and Wesson Model 33-1 Regulation Police J-frame in .38 S&W, dated somewhere between 1970-1973.

I took her for a few spins after freeing her up from years of dust and gunk collecting. It shoots very well and it's a bit small in the grips for my banana hands, but I still like it. This one is more suited for the smaller built folks and women me thinks. It's a smooth and accurate little piece.

My sweet little Mama picked up a Ruger LC9s last week and she tagged along with me to go put a few down range with her new pistol. Sure as shit, 2nd round out of the mag bounces off of the stall wall and back across the front of her nose and leaves her with two little nicks. Instant blood... So we finished off her box of 50, small piece of paper towel still across her nose, and headed on to the house. She says she's hooked as we are walking out to the car. She's never been much on guns at all honestly. I told her she could come shoot with me anytime. For someone who hasn't shot very much of anything in her life, she's pretty solid at center mass, just needs to work on that elevation a little. I like her pistol. It's perfect for her.

You know what they say about a family that shoots together... 

They have interlocking patterns of fire.


North Texan said...

Good looking piece Stax. I feel ya on the family guns. Congrats on the time with mom. Good memories bud.

Stackz O Magz said...

Yes Sir. Thanks NT. We had a blast dude. My mama has never been high on anything before. She got a good buzz from this though.