Friday, August 15, 2014

MMA Fighter Finds Out His Fate After Taking On 4 Gang Members and Killing 1

Criminals in America have grown bolder in recent decades, no longer fearing police, and thanks to gun control laws, no longer worrying about breaking into a home and staring down the barrel of a shotgun.

Even when forcing their way into the home of a gun owner, if certain ridiculous legal stipulations aren’t met, someone who kills or injures an intruder to protect their family can actually face jail time.

This very concern was no doubt weighing heavy on the mind of professional MMA fighter Joseph Torrez after an altercation with four intruders who broke into his home and attempted to stab him.

During the scuffle, Torrez beat down his attackers, killing one of them in the process. Police initially determined that Torrez was fighting for his life and wouldn’t be facing arrest for murder unless an investigation turned up evidence to the contrary.

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Good for you warrior. You stood your ground when the odds were stacked against you and you mopped the fucking floors with them. From what I gathered, he was attacked by one of them with a crude shank and by another with a knife. Somewhere in that scuffle, he was able to take the knife and return the favor. Hey, blades get wet... It becomes an occupational hazard when you choose to use them in criminal acts against trained fighters defending their property, family, and life. Engage the line of attack or get off of it!

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CountryRebel said...

Here in Ohio and a few other states the Castle Law Doctrine is in effect. In Ohio they recently updated it so it reads place of residency to anywhere you are lawfully allowed to be.