Sunday, January 8, 2017

And this one time at Barndominium Camp

Hey folks, we're still here. Still busier than a one armed paper hanger. You can't even imagine the journey we've been on the last several months building this house. It's mind blowing the things that we've created, built, and accomplished is such little time. We started this thing in August. We expect to be done in 3 weeks. I'm tired, exhausted, and worn down to a nub. But y'all know me, I'll go until I can't go anymore. Always have. Our camp hopes that the new year is treating you all well. Remember to keep setting your goals, doing what makes you happy, and to keep chasing your dreams. Our business is continuing to do well. We plan on doubling again within the next 6 months. Let me know what you think of our progress on this place... 

All of the beams in this place came from local farms out of old farm houses, cabins, and barns. Local, Local, Local... Some of the wood goes back to the 1860's... We are covered up in barn wood. A lot of it was able to be sanded and clear coated for use as to not ruin the natural color and grain of it. Some of it was termite infested. We put old rusty red colored tin on the ceilings, one interior wall, and also threw a few 20 ft I-beams in there for aesthetics as well as structural support. There's stained cedar, rough cut cedar, blue pacific pine trim, hand axed pine, and birch all through out the house. 

We've learned a lot about putting a house together. I can say that I'll most likely die here because I don't want to do it again.  But, if I do have to do it again, I have the perfect partner to help. My smoking hot little barefoot gardening squaw is absolutely fucking amazing. She's a pro man. I was pretty much the muscle on the wood and material reclaiming and she did a ton of the refinishing. We took a 40x70 metal shop and turned it into the home of our dreams. There's just a little bit left to do like trim, hang the barn doors on tracks, and finish our interior design layout. So far so good. We've got roughly 3800 sq ft of living space now. That's plenty big for my crew to stretch out in and grow. We have 9 tons of air and 5 climate control stations. The best thing about spray foam on the exterior walls and ceilings is that when its 100 degrees outside, it's 65 inside. Same thing applies when its 30 degrees outside. I love it. This was all paid for from the sale of my old house at the original Backyarder Camp and what I was awarded from my wreck settlement. I know, strippers and cocaine had a much better ring to it, but I did the adult thing and saved myself a half million dollars on a mortgage over the next 30 years by paying cash for a house. Eat shit you fucking worthless banker bastards... 

We could not have done it without our framer Justin. We have been friends since childhood. He's on top of his game, that's for sure. You'll see him below. Pics are in no particular order, I blog on a Mac now, so I'm still getting used to it. 

Until next time, which I can't say when that'll be, be good to one another and do something positive with your lives.