Friday, March 27, 2015

FedEx refuses to ship CNC router machine because it can be used to drill holes in gun parts

(NaturalNews) Top shipping company FedEx has been accused of refusing a small business owner's gun-related product, in what he says is a politically correct attack on gun rights and the Second Amendment, as well as the free market.

Cody Wilson, innovator of Dark Wallet and a 3D-printed gun inventor, told InfoWars in a recent interview that FedEx's refusal to ship the Ghost Gunner, his company's latest product, has now left him without a way to fulfill the orders of customers who have bought it, which has effectively ruined his business.

What's really odd about the shipper's decision, he says, is that the product is not a firearm -- it's a machine.

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Corporations following political agendas? You don't say...

Lawfare is a form of unconventional warfare involving the abuse of laws and judicial systems to undermine human rights.
Fed Ex dropped their pants for Uncle Sugar and agreed to get in line or face heavy penalties most likely.

2 AM Traffic Jam

Mud Nationals - Jacksonville Tx

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Drones being used to track Houston's stray dogs

HOUSTON - That buzz heard hovering over the Sunnyside neighborhood in south Houston are drones on a mission.

"It's another amazing tool," said Tom McPhee, executive director of World Animal Awareness Society.

It's a tool to track stray dogs. WA2S is shooting a new TV show, "Operation Houston: Stray Dog City". It's an up close look at Houston's serious stray dog problem and the men and women who try to save the dogs before it's too late.

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Man, thank God there are no homeless Vets in Houston that this could benefit...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cruz to announce presidential run Monday

USA TODAY - Ted Cruz will announce Monday that he will seek the presidency, with a campaign that aims to energize the party's Tea Party and socially conservative wings.

Cruz's plans were confirmed Sunday by two senior advisers with direct knowledge of his plans, who requested anonymity because an official announcement had not yet been made. He will be the first Republican to declare his candidacy.

The freshman senator from Texas is set to announce his intentions in a speech at Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell, and which bills itself as the world's largest Christian university. The Houston Chronicle was the first to report Cruz's announcement.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Zombie Preparedness Level 100 - Achievement Unlocked

Spotted by some of my forward observers in Dallas Texas today at a bottle shop.


WTF is wrong with some people?


Police: Mother whose baby cut from womb is recovering


LONGMONT, Colo. — A mother who was stabbed and had her unborn baby girl taken out of her womb by another woman is recovering in the hospital, according to police.

Police said the 26-year-old mother, whose name has not been released, is alert and answering officers' questions with her family around her. Her baby died during the crime.

Dynel Catrece Lane, 34, who was arrested Wednesday after police say she attacked the victim who was seven months pregnant, is scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

13 Days To Glory

In the early morning hours of March 6, the Mexican Army advanced on the Alamo. After repulsing two attacks, the Texians were unable to fend off a third attack. As Mexican soldiers scaled the walls, most of the Texian soldiers withdrew into interior buildings. Defenders unable to reach these points were slain by the Mexican cavalry as they attempted to escape. Between five and seven Texians may have surrendered; if so, they were quickly executed. Most eyewitness accounts reported between 182 and 257 Texians died, while most historians of the Alamo agree that around 600 Mexicans were killed or wounded.

These are my personal pictures from the Alamo. I've been many times in my life and every time I go back I feel that hardened heart of mine beat just a bit softer in remembrance for the brave men who sacrificed their lives and told Santa Anna where to stick it. I live about 45 minutes from San Jacinto, where Santa Anna was caught April 22, 1836 (the day after the battle) trying to avoid capture. It is rumored he was dressed as a woman. I find that plausible considering the amount of bodies that Sam Houston's men stacked up on the battleground in 20 minutes of fighting. That's all it took for his soldiers to kill 630 of the Mexican soldiers and capture 730. 20 MINUTES...