Friday, May 30, 2014

CHL carrying Leatherneck fatally wounds robber

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(HOUSTON) — A military veteran with a concealed handgun license came to the rescue and exchanged gunfire with two alleged robbers Thursday in northeast Harris County, killing one of them.

It all happened shortly after noon on Wallisville Road near Beltway 8. According to investigators, the two men attempted to rob a Game Stop store when they were stopped by the 28-year-old U.S. Marine.


The Gunny approves...

You don't always have to get involved. But, there are some of us out there who train for it, because one day IT WILL be needed.

Semper Fi.

Pucker Factor level 9000

Fire reported at fertilizer plant in Athens

ATHENS — Firefighters battled a large fire Thursday evening at an East Texas facility that reportedly stores ammonium nitrate, the same fertilizer that ignited a deadly explosion in the town of West last year.

The fire was reported about 5:45 p.m. at East Texas Ag Supply in downtown Athens, about 70 miles southeast of Dallas.

Police said crews evacuated a five-block radius around the fire, which appeared to have mostly burned itself out more than two hours later.

Police said there had not been an explosion, and no injuries had been reported late Thursday.

The cause of the fire was not yet known.

The building was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived, The Athens Daily Review reported.
“The fire was at such a level when the Athens Fire Department got on the scene, there was nothing to do but to back off,” County Judge Richard Sanders, who serves as Henderson County’s emergency management director, told the Daily Review.

Aerial footage showed that the 60-foot column of flames had reduced the facility to little more than a smoking ruin framed by charred walls.

 Keep reading at link above.


They got lucky !

Thursday, May 29, 2014

This is a correct assessment

I think I'd lose my mind in a place like this. I sure wish I knew where this was because I'd start saving to make the trip.
Those ancient sounds of dusty vinyl do something special for me. Their scent is undeniable and you know you've hit a jackpot when you run across that scent at yard sales or flea markets. I always find something to add to the collection. Growing up I'd go stay the summer with my Pepaw and Granny, and they had the biggest collection of vinyl I'd ever seen in my life. I can remember being a 13 year old kid digging through albums all day in their record room, submersing myself in those sounds. They did not care one bit because they knew I was on a musical journey down the rabbit hole of all the great and not so great artists. I was very fortunate to have grandparents that bad ass. They don't know it yet, but my offspring are sitting on a gold mine of old vinyl. They'll thank me one day.

Who else of you readers has a nice collection that you pull from and take yourself back every now and then?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

If a movie was ever needed to be made, this is it....

H/T to Mr. Poe at Golden Triangle Tactical

The Fortune and Fate struggle

I'm a fan of music that takes you to special places. This song does it for me. The slow build up, the whispering strings, and the control of great power that is being withheld until it's time to unleash amazes me. I have an up and coming Violin player in my tribe that has made me prouder than ever with her playing. This is for you gal. Enjoy...

Texas man hits 1MOA target at 2.07 miles!

Professional Marksmen

RATON, NM — Billy Carter, a native of Spring, Texas, hit a 1 MOA target from a distance of 2.07 miles at the NRA Whittington U Long Distance Range last week. Carter improved the accuracy of his 2013 record, shooting a CheyTac USA M200 Intervention® chambered in .375 CheyTac topped with a Vortex Razor HD Gen1 scope.


Now that's impressive.

Good work Sir.

Long rifle, Long rifle.... SEND IT!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why I'll never leave her again

More reasons to love The Great State

Weather Effects Refresher

Wind, temperature, and precipitation can affect the trajectory of the bullet. In addition, all weather conditions have a physical and psychological effect on you too. These are things you should take into consideration because we all know the sun ain't shining everyday and the wind is always blowing somewhere. This is just a refresher in case you need it. 

The most important thing to do before you shoot is to read what's going on out in front of you so you don't compromise your position or send one down range that is just off the mark when you need it to count. The information below is for the .223 / 5.56 AR15 rifle with A2 irons, my personal choice of sights. Your experiences may vary depending on variation of the AR you shoot, but the information about the weather still applies.

Physical Effects

The weather condition that presents the greatest problem to shooting is the wind. Wind affects a bullet's trajectory. The effect of wind on the bullet as it travels down range is referred to as deflection. The wind deflects the bullet laterally in its flight to the target.

Deflection of a Bullet

The bullet’s exposure time to the wind determines the amount the bullet is deflected from its original trajectory. Deflection increases as the distance to the target increases. 

There are three factors that affect the amount of deflection of the bullet: 
Velocity of the wind—The greater the velocity of the wind, the more the bullet will be deflected.

Range to the target—As the distance to the target increases, the speed of the bullet slows allowing the wind to have a greater effect on shot placement. 

Velocity of the bullet—A bullet with a high muzzle velocity will not be affected by the wind as much as a bullet with a low muzzle velocity.
Determining Windage Adjustments to Offset Wind Effects: The velocity and direction of the wind in relationship to the bullet must be determined to offset the wind’s effects. If you can classify wind values and determine velocity within 5 mph, you can effectively engage targets in windy conditions.

Wind Direction: Determine wind direction by observing direction vegetation is moving, by feeling the wind blow against the body, or by observing direction of a flag on a pole, if you have that luxury...

Wind Value Classifications: Winds are classified according to the direction from which they are blowing in relation to the direction of fire. The clock system indicates wind direction and value. Winds can be classified as half value, full value, or no value. THE TARGET IS ALWAYS LOCATED AT 12 O'CLOCK!!!

Wind Velocity: There are two methods used to determine wind velocity: observation and flag. The flag method is used as a training tool for known distance to learn the observation method. This method teaches you to relate the effect a given wind condition has on the natural surroundings in order to develop the base of knowledge used during the observation method.

The observation method is the primary method used to estimate wind velocity and direction in a tactical situation. The following are guidelines used during the observation method:
Under 3 miles per hour (mph) the wind can hardly be felt on the face. The presence of a slight wind can be detected by drifting smoke. 

3 to 5 mph winds can be felt lightly on the face.
5 to 8 mph winds keep tree leaves in a constant motion.

8 to 12 mph winds raise dust and loose paper.
12 to 15 mph winds cause small trees to sway. 16 to 25 mph winds cause large trees to sway.

Flag Method
The flag method is primary method used on a known distance range. To estimate wind velocity in miles per hour: Estimate the angle created between the flagpole and the flag in degrees.

Divide the angle by four to estimate wind velocity in miles per hour.

Information given is based on a dry flag, as a wet flag will be heavier and give you a false reading.
Windage Adjustments  
After identifying wind direction, wind classification, and wind velocity, windage adjustments needed to enable the bullet to strike the target are estimated in the following ways: 
Observation Method
Using the windage chart provided below, match the wind velocity, wind direction, and range to the target to the information in the chart to estimate the correct number of clicks to apply to the windage knob.

Flag Method

Using the windage chart provided below, match the wind velocity, wind direction, and range to the target to the information in the chart to determine the correct number of clicks to apply to the windage knob. Once the number of windage clicks is determined, turn the windage knob causing the rear sight aperture to move into the direction of the wind.

Use this information as you will. But hopefully, you'll put it to good use, and improve your skill set. I see guys with those fancy 45 degree angle irons hanging off their rifles and I'd bet that most of them couldn't use them past 50 yards, let alone 300 if they had to. You will not always be able to count on that red/green dot optic you paid up to $500 for.
This will help you actually use them when that time comes.

They say that everything

IS BIGGER IN TEXAS.... Good lawd, thats a lot of meat smoking bad-assery if I've ever seen it. On my quest for smoker designs this morning, I ran across The Indisputable Cuz . This massive roller-que takes smoking meat to an entirely different level. See for yourself...

What say you StevieRay? If I saw this thing rolling down the road, I believe I'd follow it into the depths of Avalon and tell Merlin to bring the beer... It is purely magical.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday Night Special

Lot's of fun today. We are lucky to have days like this with many positive happenings. The sights and sounds have all faded away as it slips off to come back around tomorrow.

Sleep well friends.

Friday, May 23, 2014

This Memorial Weekend

I ask that you take a moment to remember our fallen Brothers and Sisters who have given the ultimate sacrifices as contribution to our freedom and continued way of life. Some may not agree with their missions or their stories, but damn it, their hearts and minds were in it for America. I'd just like to pose a special thank you to those Vets who took their final trip across the river to Valhalla instead of back home alive to American shores. You gave it all so others would not have to. Here is my salute to you all.

May you all rest in peace and may the War Gods bless you in your eternal slumber. Semper Fidelis.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Firearm Personality Indicators

In the gun world we have our types of people who are who they are, and there is no changing them. Here is a good way to tell who's who and even a little bit about them.


It's a joke and should not lead you into any kind or form of Butt-hurt by any stretch of the imagination.

III Percent Patriots: Another push for Sandman: Please help, folks.

III Percent Patriots: Another push for Sandman: Please help, folks.: Bloggers - please spread this far and wide. Patriots: The details are private to Sandman, but the need is real and immediate.

I have sent my assistance to a man that I don't even know. But what I do know, is that sometimes faith in what you are doing and what you believe in is all you need to know that it's what you need to do.

Semper Fi.

Weekly production report

The plants are starting to generate some veggies! I am starting to see more and more of the babies pop up all down the rows. I cannot wait to enjoy some of these with a nice juicy and marbled ribeye on the grill. The Black Beauty Zucs slice perfectly into spears to go into italian dressing in the top rack of the grill. They come out wonderful. The Yellow Crook Necks go in the flour first and in the grease. I've not dug too deep on other ways to eat them because that's how we always ate them at my Nanny's growing up. I stick with what I know. Our Celebrity tomatoes have come in and we should have a few ready late next week depending on their sun exposure. I'm ready for some salsa!

The baby black beauty Zuc's

The baby yellow crookneck's
The still green Celebrity 

Have a great day you guys. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I must be close to Houston or something

I'm all about supporting your team, but this ape here is crawlin' down from a whole nother' tree! Way to step your game up brother on your Texan Cadillac... I couldn't resist the chance to capture it.

Game Art comes to life

On my search for neat and cool shit this morning I ran across something that I had almost forgotten about. This bike is a concept art piece designed after the video game series Fallout. If you don't know what it is, do a google image search for it and you'll see all of the cool designs and photos they've had since it's inception. This art is on a whole nother' level. A fan of the series sent this in to the game developers and they put it on their blog for Bethesda Softworks.

I'd love to build or own something unique like this. It's pretty far out there and would for sure be fun to cruise until your thighs melted off...

32-year-old Houston man sues stripper

Okay seriously man... I'm thinking Captain Space Nerd here got his little feelers hurt when ole' girl said she didn't want to rub his weenis anymore with that big ole' booty. You know his dumbass was in love too. Don't get me wrong, I have spent my time in establishments of this type as a young man, but this Cro-Magnon thick skulled man-boy should probably look into finding "friendship" somewhere else where it doesn't cost so much and he may qualify to get a refund. Jeez... You got took bro, LET IT GO, learn from your mistakes, and keep on pushin' baby...

Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston

**Hat tip to my Squaw for showing me this awesomeness**

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gunny V sends

His reminder is that if you ain't trainin', you're wrong, and if you're wrong, you best unfuck yourself accordingly... I've known the Gunny for years, even way back before he got his Lance Criminal chevrons. We go back like 8 track... Much love to you Gunz. Here's to your safe return brother. I know you read over here at the Backyard and when you're ready for that care pack, you just let your boy know!

Due to OpSec rules and regulations, I am not at liberty to disclose locations or operations that he may or may not be involved in. You know, loose lips sink ships and all that shit...

I'll give you a hint though... It ain't in America.

True story bro...

I'll leave you with that thought... Yut!

Raining Golf Balls

The Billings Gazette

Sunday was a crazy day in Billings Montana. A fellow Patriot in Big Sky Country sent this to me to show me how his afternoon went. Thanks for the picture Dick.

It is insane how big that hail was. There has to be several insurance claims folks out and about who are busier than all get out this week I'd imagine. Definately a weird happening for sure. Power lines and poles disabled, cars with bodies and windows absolutely war hammered, gardens flattened, and roof damages galore... Dang, now them there some biggens' !!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Gun Pornz

Where are my Mosin dudes and dudettes at? Do you love that piece of World War II bad-assery or what? I'm pretty fond of mine too, because I know for sure that the grim reapers of the eastern front used the Mosin-Nagant to single-handedly kill entire companies of enemy soldiers, and it's worth it's salt. I'd imagine some of you already know about this and if you do, please share your experiences with me. I'd love to hear what you've got to say.

About a year back, a buddy of mine currently living in South America who is also a former PSD Operator, turned me on to a company called Teludyne Tech. They make a barrel system called the Straight Jacket Barrel System that is like nothing you've ever seen before. I seriously think this is the way things are going to go for performance driven rifles in the near future. Basically, with the Straight Jacket Barrel System, you get a performance driven system that has active thermal management and keeps it cool to produce a cold bore shot, EVERY TIME. Their rapid heat dissipation is only part of the solution. The Straight Jacket Barrel System combined with their patent pending Muzzle Recoil Compensator uses the waste propellant gases to virtually eliminate recoil, provide stability, and keeps the rifle on target no matter how hard you get into the trigger.

You just have to go and see their site for yourself. I cannot express how bad ass this system is. They can put their system on any rifle you can dream of and it will give you new faith in an old rifle as well as bring it back to life. JC Dodge at Mason Dixon Tactical has used this system and left a great comment on their website. I do not know JC personally, but I read his blog regularly. So should you.

I am wanting to turn a 1939 Molot into the Moszilla. They'll build it from the ground up with all kinds of love put into it, just like the master craftsmen of old. They report that their customers who have gone this route are getting 1" to 1-1/2" MOA groups with the cheap 7.62x54R surplus silver tipped ammo. You know, the kind you can still get Tuna cans of with 440 rounds for about 120 bucks a pop. Have you priced .308, .300WM, or 30.06 lately in those quantities? If you already own the rifle and you have thought about acquiring another for long range capabilites, why not put that money into a proven system that works?

Somewhere, the Ghost of Simo Haya is fighting off that urge to reincarnate himself after seeing this, I promise...

It's truly amazing to witness some guys strap a damn barrel system to a cut out 2x4 stock with duct tape and hit pie plates at 1000 yards. See for yourself, it's unfreakin' real!

Now wipe off that monitor and go put some downrange will ya!

Excuse me, I mustache you a question

Nothing like a certified USDA Grade A trained killer with a sense of humor, boy I tell you what... Am I right? Semper Fidelis to all the hitters across the world.

Have a great Monday you guys and gals. Don't worry, you'll be out of the Salt Mines soon enough and back to your humble dwellings.

Laugh more. It makes serious shit much more bearable and keeps you from rape choking someone. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Laissez les bon temps rouler mes amis!

Not a bad Saturday night in the Backyard if you ask me Sha... Good food, good friends, and chilled Strawberry Blonde. Here's to you folks all across the globe who give me a reason to share our adventures. Salute... May the sun always shine upon your face and may the wind be always at your backs...

Shrimp Creole or Étouffée tomorrow. We gonna be peeling tails all night it seems.

Those 93 Chevy Euro's

Cannot evade the ever so long reaching arm of the law... I just happened to be ringside and couldn't turn down the opportunity for a great shot... Cheers

To see it start to take off...

What a difference two weeks makes! We changed our setup a bit this year to allow for more growth rather than overcrowding. Last years plot turned out incredibly thick and the tomatoes eventually hit about 6.5 feet and were too heavy. This led to 4 plants breaking their big vines and eventually dying as the result. Note taken...

We use a little something special called Maxicrop Seaweed Liquid that the plants absolutely love. I suggest you give it a try if you can find some. You'll see in the last pic that it grows really huge plants from the nutrients in it that are collected from the Norwegian Coastline. This is where mineral rich mountain waters, the Gulf Stream, and the Arctic waters come together to produce the perfect conditions to Ascophyllum Nodusum seaweed. It's awesome stuff!

Here's last years beginning and end pics. It got a little out of control, but man did we turn some veggies out!

Whoa Nelly! I wish you guys all the best in your crops this year. 

Send me pics of your plot and I'll do a post for you.

Friday, May 16, 2014

At first glance...

One of these things is not like the other....

Aim small, miss small

Good things to know 

Pallet Culture

I've made a few knicknacks for my smokin' hot little barefoot gardening squaw over the years from pallets. It's amazing the wood that people just throw away. I happen to be employed at a company that does just that at times and I try to grab it when possible. So far I've built an outdoor coffee table on casters, a oak bar top for Cabin 4B, a 4 quadrant storage box for the garden, and a bad ass Texas Flag. All of it came from free pallet wood. There's tons of the stuff out there if you know what you're looking for. I suggest some of you grab a few and experiment with them. After all,  they're free right?

There are several things that you should learn about pallets before you start filling up your truck bed and hauling them to the house to build your dreams. The purpose of pallet markings is to communicate information about pallets or the timber from which they are constructed. Wood markings can indicate the grade of lumber as well. The standard is a 2 letter country code (xx), a unique number (000) assigned by the International Plant Protection Organization (IPPO), HT for Heat Treatment or MB for Methyl Bromide, and DB to signify debarked. I do know one thing for sure, and that is to make sure you use heat treated (HT) pallets rather than Methyl Bromide (MB) fumigated pallets if you are going to grow anything consumable in it. You've been warned. If you don't see an IPPC logo on it, don't use it. There is no telling what's in it. Basically, if you are going by what I've told you and you don't make a damn butcher block out of pallet wood, you're probably cool with using them for just about any project.

Now, get to building neat stuff and send me pictures to post!!!