Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Personal Development

Personal development is something that we should all be working on. Whether it be eating better, training harder, exercising more, increasing our vocabulary, working more hours in your business, or whatever makes you a more productive person, we should be doing it! I quit smoking on New Years Eve. I haven't had any nicotine in 129 days. Fuck yeah right? I've started running at least a mile a day. Been at that for a month now. I eat better. More protein, lower carbs, lower sugar. I feel fucking fantastic. One of the people who motivated me to get my ass in gear is Andy Frisella. You may already know who he is, maybe not. He's the founder of the The MFCEO Project. The MFCEO Project is his podcast that is fucking gold people. I strongly suggest that you give it a listen. I've never been big on other people who try to tell you how to live your life, but this time it's different. He came from nothing and built his brand, his life, and his bank account up to top ranked shit. He's the truth. You know I don't give a nod to anyone who doesn't deserve it. He's done wonders for me mentally. Sometimes you just need to hear the raw truth that you've been denying. Andy delivers that. 

I just got back into the 250 lbs range for the first time in a year. I lost a lot of weight while building this house we are in because I was giving it every thing I had for 6 months while we built it, to the point of exhaustion. But you know what happened? When it was all over, I got complacent. I got back to being lazy. And you know what else happened? Those thirty pounds came back plus some. Yeah, I went up in weight to the heaviest I've ever been to 280 lbs. Complacency fucking kills. It does. I'm a firm believer in that. I got lazy and lost sight of a few things. I suffered from that. My mental health suffered from that. My physical health suffered from that. My relationships with friends and family also suffered. Well FUCK all of that noise.

I've found that for me to the best that I can be for the world, my family, and everyone else who counts on me to play my fucking part, I have to stay disciplined to be productive. If I don't, I feel like a fucking failure. I feel like I'm letting my team down. I feel like I have to be provide value to this world in order to be considered valuable by anyone with legit credentials that matters to me. So I will.  I am. 

We are all dying as soon as we are conceived. You cannot buy time. Stop wasting it. It's slipping away. Play for fucking blood. Make it count. 

Y'all have a great day!


MattB said...

Hey keep up the good work!! Get that weight off and keep it off. And kudos on kicking the tobacco!I'm trying to get back to 170 from 240;about halfway there.

WylieMike said...

Thank you for posting the link to Andy Frisella. I had never heard of him. I started listening to his podcasts and he puts out really great info.