Monday, November 24, 2014

Today's view

A huge bobcat walked away today at dark. He got a pass. I got more out of watching him hunt and stalk than dispatching him into the afterlife. 

Sat in for an amazing sunset too... 

Friday, November 21, 2014

And we're off

It's going to be fairly quiet around here for the next week or so.

I will try to post up pictures of my harvested venison, IF he shows...

Until then, you all be good to one another until it's time to get ugly and flip through the archives a little too. Surely there's some shit in there you like.

A Dying Breed

How many of you still have that old man around that cuts a man's hair like it's supposed to be cut?

Hot cream and straight razors on your neckline and a smack across the back of the head with a little bit of that lemon smell good when you're done...

You know, the place where you walk in and there's old men shooting the shit about stringer limits, catty old broads, and how the younger generation of men are a bunch of pussies because they let their women tell them how to get their damned hair cut...

I visit such a place regularly.

I hope he sticks around for a while.

Must be the life huh?

Bonus pic :

You can beat my prices, but you can't beat my meat... Medium Ribeye for lunch. Not a bad day at all.

The world, Chico. And everything in it.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm about to be gone

No not for good...

But for 9 days at least. Hunting. A lot of it. 

This is the time of the year that I love the most. The cold. The quiet. The rifle. The reward. 

Funny, how being in that reticle makes the rest of the world go away isn't it? 

2 days from now, this:

Will be this again, and all will be right in the world of Stackz :

I am chasing this guy :

He's the big dog on the block. I never saw him once last year, but I know he's there. He's a nocturnal kind of dude. The big ones are pretty smart. They don't show themselves until after dark, on infrared game cams. I patiently await our meeting, for it will be his last with me. 

I didn't get him last year, but judging by the markings on his face and around his eyes, I got one of his offspring :

I will have my spotter with me again this year. She's gotten pretty good at ranging and being my extra set of eyeballs, but she's not ready to take a shot yet with a big bore rifle. It's all good. She's still learning the craft just like we did starting out with small rifles and working our way up. When she's ready, she'll let me know :

Which of you swinging dicks and ladies will be out and about on the chase for freezer filler this coming up week?

Send me some pictures at the email listed top left of the page with your stories and kills and I'll post them up here.

I have been thinking about maybe having The Bearded Backyarder's First Annual Online Big Buck Classic Contest. I'd need to know how many of you are interested in order to make it official and arrange a prize for the winning contestants. 

What say you guys and gals? Any feedback is appreciated.

A Complete Guide to Being a Thought Criminal

Waking up is a painful process, and once awake, you begin to see the world for what it is. It’s shocking how much everything begins to look like a movie set made entirely of cheap facades lacking any real depth. You recognize the current system of consumerism is unsustainable and you want to know how you can stop what you know is coming one day. 

Even though nothing you do to prepare or fight back is illegal, you find yourself feeling like you are in the midst of a conspiracy against the powers that be. That’s because you are. Rebellion isn’t done with bullets and bombs anymore; it’s done within the confines of your own mind. When you wake up, you essentially become a thought criminal, never really knowing who you can talk to about your thoughts.

More great reading here 


Opening your eyes is a vexatious experience because you finally realize that everything you've been taught about life and the way things are has been conditioning you for a life of debt slavery and obedience to The Corporation.  - Me

“The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.”   

 - Gloria Steinem

“People whose governing habit is the relinquishment of power, competence, and responsibility, make excellent spenders. They are the ideal consumers. By inducing in them little panics of boredom, powerlessness, sexual failure, mortality, paranoia, they can be made to buy virtually anything that is “attractively packaged.” 

- Wendell Berry from The Unsettling of America

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Grandmas smoking weed for the first time

Border Patrol Agents Sharing Rifles Amid M4 Shortages

US Border Patrol agents along certain sectors of the US-Mexico border are sharing rifles after malfunctions and quality concerns on their Colt brand M4s lead to many being pulled. 

As a result, agents in sectors like Tucson, Arizona, are passing the same set of M4 carbines from one set of hands to another from shift to shift.  

According to News 4 Tucson, the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector union president Art del Cueto said: “The problem is they are now using pool guns so what happens instead of having their individual ones they have sighted in they’re having to use a pool weapon…[and they] don’t know who used it [prior or how it is sighted in].”

Story here


All you have to do is ask the serfs and common folk for a little help until your politically motivated shortage is over.

We all know they'd never relinquish the illusion of power they've managed to hang onto all these years, so I guess that plan is out.

We've got plenty of rifles we could show up with though, right?

Gun sales in Ferguson spike a staggering 700% as residents wait for Indictment decision

Gun sales have increased at a staggering rate in Ferguson, Missouri, ahead of a grand jury's decision on whether or not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, the cop who shot dead unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

Steve King, the owner of Metro Shooting Supplies in nearby Bridgeton, says he has sold 250 firearms this week.

That is a 700% increase over the 30 to 40 guns the store typically sells in a week.

Story here

The only thing that predators respond to is violence. 
Whoever told you growing up that violence doesn't solve anything is full of shit. 


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ex-porn star OK'd to wear colander in DMV photo

ST. GEORGE, Utah — A former porn star who said she intended to make a statement was allowed to wear a colander as a hat in her Utah driver's license photo. 

Jessica Steinhauser, 41, who also has been known as Asia Lemmon and Asia Carrera, said she's an atheist and member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a satirical movement promoting a lighthearted view of religion. Members of the church often are referred to as "Pastafarians." 

Story here 

Eye bleach not included.


Don't sit there and act like you don't remember how she used to look...

I want a ride

When you do what you love for a living, it's not work... 

I wish I could be that lucky.

Shut up and take my money already

Find the badassery here

Monday, November 17, 2014

4 DuPont workers dead in La Porte Texas chemical leak

LA PORTE, Texas — Two brothers were among four workers who died Saturday after a chemical leak at a facility here.

Family members said Robert and Gilbert Tisnado worked side by side at the DuPont chemical plant for six years. 

When the chemical leak started early Saturday morning, Gilbert rushed in with a gas mask to try and save his brother, relatives said. Tragically, both brothers died. A fifth worker was hospitalized.

Story here 



Bad new bears right there... At very high concentrations it is highly toxic and affects the central nervous system. They were in an insecticide unit when a valve on a holding tank failed. This is why I don't work in refineries and plants. Dying from a lethal dose of chemicals is not exactly how I envision crossing the river Styx.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Mr Sandman bring me a dream...

Two guys walk into a bar… And find two lightning fast knockout punches waiting for them. It’s all captured on the venue’s surveillance camera system. Though there doesn’t seem to be much of a back story to this video as of now, it appears these two guys were in the wrong. According to the video’s YouTube comments, the man doing the punching is a trained boxer named Nikolai Vlasenko. The dispute is reportedly over the other men making unsavory comments about Vlasenko’s wife while he was in the bathroom. After words are exchanged, two of the men make an aggressive move towards Vlasenko. After they wake up from the concrete, they figure out that probably wasn’t their best move.

Thermometer is reading Gumbo today

I'm loving this cold. The Norse DNA in my blood always allowed me to enjoy sitting outside in nothing but my silkies in Bridgeport CA when I was there doing Cold Weather / Mountain Warfare Training with 3 feet of snow on the ground. I'd get up early to go sit outside for a few minutes and really go into a deep meditative state. The guys I was with could never wrap their minds around how a boy from Texas tolerated the cold so well. It's all in the DNA baby.

Right about this time every year is when all those bags of shrimp I've been piling up over the last several months come in handy. We've got a big ole' pot of Shrimp and Sausage gumbo planned for the weekend. We don't buy our roux either. We make our own nice and dark. The darker the roux the better if you ask me. I may even freak it a little more with a pound or two of dungeness crab I've got put up. The more seafood you add the sweeter it will get. 

Who else has good eats planned for the weekend? 

I'm still waiting on North Texan to send me pictures of his Swine IED to post up so we can see how that came out. What's the hold up dude?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

4 Turkish terrorists caught in Texas after being smuggled across border

Four men flew from Istanbul through Paris to Mexico City in late August, where they were met by a Turkish-speaking man who stashed them in a safe house until their Sept. 3 attempt to cross into the U.S. over the border with Mexico.

Their capture by the Border Patrol in Texas set off a fierce debate over the men’s intentions, with some members of Congress saying they were terrorist fighters. Homeland Security officials, including Secretary Jeh Johnson, countered that they were part of the Kurdish resistance which, like the U.S., is fighting the Islamic State’s advance in Iraq.

Story here 


Looks like an update on who some of them are from this post in October.


Vet needs help to get home

I ran across a Texas Veteran today needing help. I've donated what I could and he needs just a little more to meet his goal of $750. All I ask is that if you have some scratch to spare, please help this Veteran out. I don't know him personally, but he's been verified through the proper channels and he's from my AO. He's legit. 

Donate here


******************  UPDATE  *****************

He met and exceeded his goal sometime yesterday afternoon. 

He now sits at $880.00. I've secured transportation for him from  Shreveport LA to Tyler TX. 

All he's got to do now is get from Durham NC to Shreveport LA and the rest is in the bag.

For any of my readers who pitched in to help, it is greatly appreciated. 

The Veteran network showed up when called upon and that's how it's supposed to be. 

Just a thought on Sensitivity Training

H/T to Dysfunctional Veterans

From the email

I feel like we're moving more towards HALO space weapons every day.

I don't own any pup rifles, but things like this really make me want to see what the buzz is all about.


New dating service for Shooters

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I did the accent too

Thanks Dad

My pops was a Chief Petty Officer in this picture. He retired a Master Chief. Born July 13, 1941, in Marthaville, La.  4 years in the Army and 23 years in the Navy. I'd say he pulled his share of duty. He was taken from me 5 years ago from pancreatic cancer. As he passed, we were holding hands and he came out of his morphine coma, looked me right in the eyes, and said "Don't take risks"... I still don't know what that means in regards to my life. Maybe one day I'll figure that out.

I think about him every day and I'm extremely thankful I had him as a mentor, father, and friend. Yeah he gave me a ton of shit about choosing the Marines, but I think he loved it that I chose something different than him. I always told him he wasn't hard enough for the Corps, and he'd just look at me and say "gimme your hand boy, I'll show you hard..." He taught me many things that carried me along as a young hard charger and many things that I cannot say in front of my sweet little mama without risk of having my name taken off the will. ;) 

Rest easy Sailor, your Marine awaits our reunion in Valhalla. 

First bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is on me.


born July 13, 1941, in Marthaville, La
born July 13, 1941, in Marthaville, La

Real science: Almost half the population may be infected with a mysterious virus that makes people stupid

(NaturalNews) Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medical School have identified a mysterious virus that literally makes people stupid, and it has so far been found in about 45% of the people tested.

The discovery of the "stupid" virus, normally found in algae, was revealed at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study, entitled "Chlorovirus ATCV-1 is part of the human oropharyngeal virome and is associated with changes in cognitive functions in humans and mice" is found at this link on the PNAS.org website.

The rather shocking take away from the study is that the virus alters the gene expression of brain cells, literally making people perform more poorly on cognitive tests, visual processing and spatial awareness.

Story here


Are you really surprised? I cannot express the feeling I get as I'm driving down the highway on the inside lane, in a 75mph zone, and I 'm forced to slow to 50 mph because some waterheaded hoochie putting on her makeup refuses to get over in the right lane where she belongs. Not that my time is any more valuable than hers, it's just the fact that I'm not an unobservant asshole that is completely oblivious to the mile of cars stacked up behind me. Some folks could use a firm smack across the chops to wake their ass up from time to time.
I'm not even going to go into what happens when stupid people elect celebrities for major political positions when that celebrity has no leadership experience. What a waste...
We have to label EVERYTHING because of the stupid ones. 

It makes me think of that old saying my old Acadian Pepaw used to say to folks he knew were eat up with the dumbass:
"Boy, yo' Mama shoulda' hit you in the head with a hammer and raised a hog on her breast milk."

Look around sometime and pay attention. You'll find yourself surrounded by the stupid. It's everywhere. There is no escaping it.

Giving credit where credit is due

Thank you Veterans. 

It's been great speaking English all these years. 

Semper Fi

Monday, November 10, 2014

And now a few words for my Marines on our Birthday

We were once all marking time, pushing earth, and doing about faces.
The miles on our bodies, boots, and minds were never easy and earned the hard way.
At times, we lived life through a hole in the ground, off in faraway places.
We've been shot at and missed, shit at and hit, and we lived to fight another day.

No matter the distance between us, the Brotherhood, is what keeps us together.
As always, we push ourselves, and are never hesitant to get into the fight.
When we call to muster, we will call on each other, faithful forever.
It has never been a question between us, about who will stand watch, throughout the night.

Through thick and thin, blood and bone, we ride.
We do it for each other; we do it for our Flag, and for our Nation.
When the optics drop on our targets, they know, that there is nowhere for them to hide.
As for America, have no fear in your hearts, when the US Marines are on station.

Wherever you are in the world today, do your thing, and carry your pack.
For only when you are tired, will you earn the chance to rest.
Just know, that when Marines lump up, we will fight to the death and stand back to back,
And as for the rest of the world, our foes will know, that they received nothing but our best. 

Semper Fidelis Leathernecks

Stackz O Magz - November 10, 2014

Happy 239th Birthday Marines

Friday, November 7, 2014

I'm no Mathlete

U.S. Company Hiring Mercenaries To Kill ISIS; Starting Pay $500K/yr – Only Requirement Is To Kill Members Of ISIS

Phoenix, AZ — An up-and-coming militant organization, Horner G6S Mercenary Incorporated, or simply known as G6S, which has known ties to the U.S. military, says it is now aggressively hiring the general public for the specific purpose of killing those affiliated with the Islamic State. The company is offering a mind-blowing starting pay of $500,000 dollars per year regardless of your history or previous background. Their only requirement, is you kill members of ISIS. Lots and lots of them.

G6S, owned and operated by 35-year-old Paul Horner of Phoenix, Arizona, spoke with MSNBC today and complained of President Barack Obama’s handling of the situation with ISIS.

“That Muslim president of ours is not doing enough to put an end to ISIS, and for obvious reasons, he’s Muslim. Well, that will all change with what we are accomplishing over there in the Islamic State. We’ll be glad to pick up the slack of Obama to protect this country like any real president should.”

Story here



'Trojan Horse' Bug Lurking in Vital US Computers Since 2011

A destructive “Trojan Horse” malware program has penetrated the software that runs much of the nation’s critical infrastructure and is poised to cause an economic catastrophe, according to the Department of Homeland Security

National Security sources told ABC News there is evidence that the malware was inserted by hackers believed to be sponsored by the Russian government, and is a very serious threat. 

The hacked software is used to control complex industrial operations like oil and gas pipelines, power transmission grids, water distribution and filtration systems, wind turbines and even some nuclear plants. Shutting down or damaging any of these vital public utilities could severely impact hundreds of thousands of Americans. 

Story here

I happen to know a smidgen about the Oil and Gas Industry and certain applications involved with it. If you don't know about the pipelines that are spread all over this country along with all of the plants and refineries, I suggest you brush up a little. One little hiccup in a closed, pressurized system, can cause an entire pipeline to "burp". I think we all know what that means. 

Catastrophic failure in some of these refineries would not be good at all. In fact, the Gulf Coast would be a terrible place to try and exist after an extinction level event chemical release. A 3 mile cloud radius of some of these chemicals would do some serious damage and kill many people. Ever heard of Hydrogen Sulfide, Ethylene Oxide, Benzene, Hydrogen Cyanide, Amine, Hydrofluoric Acid? Yeah, that's not the kind of shit I want to be exposed to either in an environmental release. Even with safety systems in place to seal off most of the bad shit in the event of a failure, there are still many other things that could go wrong. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fed Agents from Texas Bust 639 Lbs of Cocaine

HOUSTON, Texas -- More than 679 pounds of cocaine, worth over $9 million, were seized with the assistance of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Air and Marine agents operating off the southern coast of Texas. 

Agents aboard a P-3 Orion aircraft alerted Nicaraguan authorities of a suspicious "go-fast vessel in the Caribbean Sea south of Corn Island," CPB reported in a press release. Corn Island lies about 70 kilometers east of Nicaragua. 

Officials in Nicaragua responded to CBP's alert, and discovered 11 bales of drugs on the vessel, as well as eight additional bales that were thrown overboard. According to CBP, three individuals were arrested during the bust. They were recovering firearms aboard the vessel at the time of the large seizure. 

Story here


The eye in the sky wins again. 639 lbs of blow is a pretty big deal. These damn political lobbyists need to learn how to do their fundraising a little better.

Take notice

I've gotten several emails recently from a particular group of people who don't spell, punctuate, or try to sound intelligent at all as they try and hurt my feelings. I've appreciated your witty banter and now I'm responding. Apparently, they think I'm a racist because of my white skin, a terrorist because I support our Military, and a supporter of animal cruelty because I enjoy harvesting venison and swine to feed my family. Who knew right? Guys, you're going to need a better script for online trolling if you want succeed at it. What's the Gov paying online shills like you these days, minimum wage?

To you shit heads I say this: If you think you have the testicular fortitude to stand in front of me and bump your pole smoker, I'll arrange a meeting. You may wish to notify next of kin before you start your pilgrimage as well. So, with that being said, advance from this point at your own risk. 

My position remains...

Engage the line of attack or get off of it. 

Massive alligator killed behind house at Rayburn, suspected in killing neighborhood pets

A massive alligator, which is suspected in the disappearance of several dogs and cats in the area, was killed on Tuesday evening when it came out of the water and was found behind a house on Wingate Drive in Rayburn Country.

According Gary Pullen, who is also a sergeant with the Jasper Police Department, the dinosaur era creature had been spotted numerous times over the last 6 months lingering in a cove behind his house. Pullen said a neighbor’s dog recently disappeared, and others in the neighborhood said that they, also, had lost pets.

Story here


I've been seeing huge gators up that way while fishing for years. No surprise here. I'm just glad it was handled before a kid got snatched up. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

BREAKING: Texas Governor Elect Greg Abbott Will Sign Open Carry Bill!

It looks like the long fight for open carry in Texas has a great chance to come to an end under Greg Abbott’s governorship.

Just a day after becoming the governor elect for one of the country’s most powerful states, Abbott has announced that he will sign an open carry bill if it reaches his desk during a post election day press conference.

Story here



Beer and Bacon Mancakes

1/2 lb bacon (8 slices)

1/3 cup packed brown sugar

2 cups Original Bisquick™ mix

1 cup of your favorite regular / nonalcoholic beer (<<< WTF? Nonalcoholic beer? Hell no,  IPA or Stout!)

2 eggs 
1 - Heat oven to 350°F. Line cookie sheet with foil. Place wire rack on top of cookie sheet. Arrange bacon in single layer on top of rack. Bake 10 minutes. 

2 - Sprinkle bacon with half the brown sugar. Bake 10 minutes longer. Turn bacon over; sprinkle with remaining brown sugar. Bake 10 to 15 minutes longer or until golden brown. Remove from rack. Cool completely, about 15 minutes. Crumble bacon into small pieces; set aside.
3 - Heat griddle or skillet over medium-high heat or electric griddle to 375°F; grease with vegetable oil or shortening.
4 - In medium bowl, beat Bisquick mix, beer and eggs with whisk until blended. If batter is too thick, add additional beer until desired consistency. Stir in bacon. Pour by 1/2 cupfuls onto hot griddle. Cook until edges are dry. Turn; cook until golden brown. 
My thoughts are leaning toward Shiner Bock and Sweet Potato pancake mix... BOOM!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Men on ultimatums

Magic Mushrooms Create a Hyperconnected Brain

Magic mushrooms may give users trippy experiences by creating a hyper-connected brain.

The active ingredient in the psychedelic drug, psilocybin, seems to completely disrupt the normal communication networks in the brain, by connecting "brain regions that don't normally talk together," said study co-author Paul Expert, a physicist at King's College London.

The research, which was published today (Oct. 28) in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, is part of a larger effort to understand how psychedelic drugs work, in the hopes that they could one day be used by psychiatrists — in carefully controlled settings — to treat conditions such as depression, Expert said.

Story here


I'll say this much from my own experience, I've never had more fun in my life in a van going to church camp. Long story... I'll save it for another time. Anyone else ever notice the scent of organic matter coming out of your pores after eating mushrooms? It could have been the pile of dirt I was laying in that I smelled while I was shooting my laser gun, so who knows on that note...

Those days are long gone now but the memories remain. I wouldn't trade them for anything.