Monday, April 18, 2016


I am getting ready to pull the plug here at The Bearded Backyarder. I don't want to, but I think it'd be in my best interest to do so. Life throws us a curve ball sometimes and that's okay. I bat cleanup in the rotation for a reason. I am moving towards a new gig which will require me to throw a little shade around me. No worries folks, The Bearded Backyarder camp will be better off and everything is A-Ok. Some of you know where I'm headed, some of you don't. If you don't know, ask someone who does.

I just want to say, thanks to all of you who have been here with me since the beginning and to those who are here now with us reading, learning, and laughing. I may be back to posting if the situation permits in the future. Who knows, right? For now, the site will remain up just in case you'd like to scroll through the almost 900 posts of Backyard badassery to get your fix in. That could change, so keep that tucked away... Keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel. Grind hard, grind often...


I'll take mine rare please

Fog of War Lifts Revealing FEMA’s Martial Law

A mystery has veiled events over the past several years.  The audacious Bundy Ranch invasion; the secret Jade Helm Special Military Operation; the horrifying imprisonments and execution by federal public servants in Burns, Oregon; and the odd protocol following the death of Justice Scalia.  These peculiar actions have inserted into our collective DNA a haunting question, “What is happening to our country?”

 I/I FFOG of War

 (Intelligence and Investigation Function Field Operation Guide)

The Fog of War has been lifted to reveal a gruesome Naziesque landscape.  FEMA is executing a new Intelligence and Investigative Function known as l/l furthering its death grip on American soil. The new I/I will be seamlessly activated every time a federal agency or federal dollars are granted, even for common gatherings like parades, concerts and sporting events.  It is very provocative indeed that a disaster agency is granting itself fresh sweeping intelligence and investigative powers over all Americans and their daily activities. 

The I/I is tasked to accomplish preserving potential evidence at crime scenes such as collection, documentation, and securing, establishing chain of custody, comprehensive investigations, apprehension and prosecution of Americans. It will also serve as a conduit for situational awareness, or boots on the ground, even within your own city. 

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

The eyes have it

Government To Sift Social Media Posts For Background Checks

The Office of Personnel Management is preparing for a pilot program to automatically track public social media postings of people applying for security clearances.

OPM is conducting market research to find companies that can perform automated social media tracking and other types of Web crawling as part of the background investigation process, according to an April 8 request for information posted online. Responses from interested companies are due by April 15.

OPM is looking for companies that can automatically browse “publicly available electronic information,” which includes information posted to news and media sites; Facebook, Twitter and other social media postings; blog postings; online court records, updates to photo and video-sharing sites; and information gleaned from online e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and eBay.

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Remember this?

OPM notifies 3.7 million cyber attack victims about data protection services

I got a notification letter that some asshole in China or wherever may or may not have my sensitive information. Won't know until it happens or doesn't... 

Basically, what this Social Media scouring does is start a data web of intel on suspected spies, independent thinkers, and suspected civil disobedience partakers. Whistleblowers who have had enough of the bullshit and decide to go public with their findings will have already had a data web file on them mixed in among them too. 

All I suggest is that you remember the Eye of Sauron sees everything.


Be prepared to answer for your words and actions if you are ever called on them...  

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

2016: The Year the Americans Found out Our Elections Are Rigged


“Now it’s just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. senators and congress members.” – Former President Jimmy Carter


Op-Ed by Nick Bernabe

  April 12, 2016
(ANTIMEDIA) Denver, CO — The 2016 election has been a wild ride, with two insurgent grassroots campaigns literally giving the political establishment a run for its money. But as the events of this presidential primary season play out, it’s becoming clear the U.S. election — and even more so, the presidential race — is a big scam being perpetrated on the American people.

Events from the last week have exposed the system as an illusion of choice and a farce. They have reinforced at least one study showing the U.S. is an oligarchy rather than a democratic republic.

The Wyoming democratic caucus took place on Saturday, purportedly to allow voters to have their voices heard in the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Sanders lost the Wyoming caucus by winning it with a 12 percent margin.

Wait, what?

How does one lose by winning 56 percent of the votes? This happens when the political process is, according to the New York Post, “rigged” by superdelegates. The Post summed up this “strange” phenomenon:

“[U]nder the Democratic Party’s oddball delegate system, Sanders’ winning streak — he has won seven out of the past eight contests — counts for little.

“In fact, despite his win, he splits Wyoming’s 14 pledged delegates 7 to 7 under the caucus calculus.

“Clinton, meanwhile, also gets the state’s four superdelegates — who had already pledged their allegiance to her in January. So despite ‘losing,’ she triumphs 11-7 in the delegate tally.”

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You've heard me say it time and time again since I started TBB.

The only vote that counts for you is on your local level.

 Your local level IS your country.

The national outcome is always predetermined. 

The house always wins. 


Hello? Critical thinking calling... Are we reaching?

Japan prepares for release of tritium from Fukushima plant


To dump or not to dump a little-discussed substance is the question brewing in Japan as it grapples with the aftermath of the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima five years ago. The substance is tritium.

The radioactive material is nearly impossible to remove from the huge quantities of water used to cool melted-down reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, which was wrecked by the massive tsunami in northeastern Japan in March 2011.

The water is still accumulating since 300 tons are needed every day to keep the reactors chilled. Some is leaking into the ocean.

Huge tanks lined up around the plant, at last count 1,000 of them, each hold hundreds of tons of water that have been cleansed of radioactive cesium and strontium but not of tritium.

Ridding water of tritium has been carried out in laboratories. But it’s an effort that would be extremely costly at the scale required for the Fukushima plant, which sits on the Pacific coast. Many scientists argue it isn’t worth it and say the risks of dumping the tritium-laced water into the sea are minimal.

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That's the only way I like my tritium...

Monday, April 11, 2016

Repository Coquetry

I took a few of the tools out for a bit of target tomfoolery yesterday. I recently installed the Snake Eyes sights on an 87' Gen1 G17 and bought a 50rnd drum. Turns out the drum actually holds 55. As silly as it looks, it's pretty awesome once you get used to it. The ghost ring sight on a pistol is new for me. It's not a bad sight picture either. 

I am able to shoot with both eyes open so target acquisition is quick. Thanks Glyn Bindon. Did you know that humans have binocular vision? That our brain can process two images, turning them into one? When you place an object like a rifle scope or pistol sight close to your eye, your brain will naturally overlap the images and you will see two images with the reticle and the target far off. Try it sometime, you may be surprised. I think that shooting with both eyes open under 300 yards is the way to do it for me. The tritium on these sights glows very bright at dusk and dark. 

And I mean, come on, who doesn't need 55 rnds in a pistol? My truck gun is giving me the stink eye right now...


As always, when you're not training, someone else is...

Y'all have a good day today.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Americans Spend More on Taxes Than Food, Clothing, Shelter COMBINED


Key Findings

  • This year, Tax Freedom Day falls on April 24, or 114 days into the year (excluding Leap Day).
  • Americans will pay $3.3 trillion in federal taxes and $1.6 trillion in state and local taxes, for a total bill of almost $5.0 trillion, or 31 percent of the nation’s income.
  • Tax Freedom Day is one day earlier than last year, due to slightly lower federal tax collections as a proportion of the economy.
  • Americans will collectively spend more on taxes in 2016 than they will on food, clothing, and housing combined.
  • If you include annual federal borrowing, which represents future taxes owed, Tax Freedom Day would occur 16 days later, on May 10.
  • Tax Freedom Day is a significant date for taxpayers and lawmakers because it represents how long Americans as a whole have to work in order to pay the nation’s tax burden.

Learn more about how TAXATION IS THEFT here

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Background checks for ammunition purchases on the way

Gavin Newsom had a confession to make. California’s lieutenant governor doesn’t carry a driver’s license, he told about 200 people gathered Friday night at the Graton casino.

The subtle luxury that comes with being the second-highest politician in the state turned into a liability when Newsom walked into a drugstore and tried to buy Sudafed cold medicine.

The store wouldn’t sell it to him, citing state drug laws requiring identification for such a purchase. 

“But interestingly, you can buy ammunition anywhere,” the former San Francisco mayor told gun control supporters Friday night.

Unlike those purchasing over-the-counter medicine in California, people who buy bullets are not required to show identification, creating what Newsom says is a huge potential for gun violence. And surprisingly, he said, ammunition sellers also aren’t required to be licensed. 

Read the rest here 


There's a reason that 5 Million people have left California over the last decade. 600,000 of them came to Texas. 

Pay attention brain stems...

People want greater economic opportunity (read that as a chance to live above poverty levels), less regulation (read that as meddling fucks in their lives that do absolutely nothing but make life harder for motherfuckers working for a living) and lower taxes (read that as TAXATION IS THEFT)

Ammunition background checks... Boy that's rich ain't it?

Who's going to pass this word along to the MS13's, Bloods, and Crips, MM's, AB's, and every other fucking gang in California? 

Surely they'll jump right in line for that right?



Wild radioactive Fukushima boars breed like rabbits, ravage local countryside

                                        © Petras Malukas / AFP

Northern Japan is raising an alarm, as the area surrounding the Fukushima Nuclear disaster zone has been overwhelmed by radioactive wild boars, whose population has increased dramatically over the past 4 years, as they breed freely in the exclusion zone. 

With the number of animals steadily growing, the boar population has been devastating the crops of farms in the area. Since the nuclear disaster of 2011, damage to agriculture caused by boars in the Fukushima prefecture has doubled, amounting to some $15 million, according to a report from The Times. Boars also pose a threat to public safety, as reports of rampaging wild beast injuring local residents while roaming the streets have become more frequent over the past few years.

Read the rest here 


"Despite boar meat being considered a delicacy in northern Japan, the meat of wild boars from Fukushima area is not suitable for human consumption because it contains high concentrations of radioactive substances."  

I'm guessing that it's not okay to eat the Japanese from the Fukushima area either. What, you guys don't like Long Pig?

Hog Hunters of Japan : You're doing it wrong.

Wishing you all the best,



Monday, April 4, 2016

The Death of the US Marine Corps

The US Marines are the latest casualty in the Maoist Cultural Revolution being shoved down the throat of the military and incinerating the fighting spirit and readiness of the armed forces like a five alarm fire.

As reported this week by Military.Com, Marines across the Corps will be challenged on their unconscious prejudices and presuppositions as women get the opportunity to become grunts for the first time.

Unconscious prejudices and presuppositions defined as simple facts such as women lack the upper body strength, the aerobic lung capacity, testosterone for aggressiveness, are more prone to injuries, while possessing a myriad of hygiene issues in the field that men do not encounter.

The Marine Corps is rolling out mandatory training for all Marines before the first future female rifleman hits boot camp, aiming to set conditions for a smooth transition and head off cultural resistance.

Mobile training teams will be dispatched to installations across the Corps throughout May and June to offer a two-day seminar to majors and lieutenant colonels, Col. Anne Weinberg, deputy director of the Marine Corps Force Innovation Office, told reporters Thursday. Those officers will then train the Marines under them.

Mobile training teams defined as modern day Soviet Zampolits, or political officers, who will travel the world in order to brainwash Marines that this catastrophe is doable and un-negotiable.

Read the rest here 


Unconscious bias?  

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over...

You mean bias one has when they are asleep or knocked out?

Is that even possible?

Could someone relay to these worthless Gov mandated EEO placements that Gender Studies is a waste of time?

This is why...

A different POV with more fights...


They can't kill all of us off in Wars. Do you know why? We stack the fucking bodies so high when we finally get off the chain that they have to write the ROE's on the fly because they always underestimate our abilities that dispatch those who stand against us into the afterlife. Oh God, please make them stop, they're killing everything!! So, they aim the fucking PC Train right at the heart of the Corps at the Command Level offices to be dispatched through "training". The Marines are a fairly resilient bunch of soul crushers and cutthroats. This limp-wristed sissy shit won't win hearts and minds like they think it will... Until Valhalla motherfuckers...


Armed clash over black mosque triggers anger in South Dallas

Racial tensions in South Dallas almost exploded at an anti-mosque protest Saturday afternoon before quickly dissolving when the protesters retreated.

A few hundred South Dallas residents, mostly black, flooded Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to oppose a planned demonstration by a mostly white group that routinely protests outside mosques. Both sides were armed.

Dallas police stood guard on a funeral home’s roof as black counterprotesters swarmed the parking lot of Eva’s House of Bar-B-Q, vowing to defend their streets and chanting “black power.”

Read the rest here


Thanks for the heads up Iran, but I think we are doing a fine job from the inside...

I wonder how many DD214 owners were there? 

Friday, April 1, 2016

I've come to realize

That maybe this whole bearded alpha theme just isn't who I want to be anymore...

I've been considering removing about 5" of growth from my beard and going more toward the scrawny beta hipster look with splotchy wild growths on my neck. I've been feeling bad about them seeing my lionized mane and the effect is has of pushing them over into the not growing sub-par beards category anymore. It's just not fair to them. I think I'd fit in better with their douchey tech nerd circles and maybe be able to understand their sensitive feelings and trigger words a little more. I mean hey, who doesn't need a safe space from time to time, AMIRITE? I could sit and listen to them squawk about why it's everyone else's fault that there's no god damned Urban Outfitters or Trader Joe's here, and that the Pabst Blue Ribbon sixers are like so outrageously priced, and why can't we get faster Mac IOS updates, and what are the best prices in town on gluten free non-soy inked Vegan Tattoos, or how they go to ALL of the local shows and saw my favorite band live 2 years ago in a local gluten free themed eco-diner or ethically sourced food only organic cafe. I could buy an expensive DSLR camera and carry around a "portfolio" filled with Bob Mapplethorpe look-a-likes and discuss filters and lenses and over a shitty IPA or red ale that no one has ever heard of. I kind of want to live in an awesome apartment that my parents payed for even though I have a job because using my own means to pay for it would mean that I was downgrading. I'd like to organize a Barista Jam Sesh with my totes fave Starbucks Barista that is transgendered and identifies as a woman but still looks like a young Justin Beiber. I mean seriously, what's not to love about people who make everything they do so fucking incredibly difficult to others around them that they can incite more blind hatred in 2 seconds than an all ginger-haired squad of Al-Qaeda members?

I'm just kidding you fuckers. Happy April Fools day, ya shit dicks! I'm still gonna be me. 


Been with T-Mobile 11 years now. I can't wait for this, said no one ever...

For all of you Android users, here's a bonus!!