Monday, August 22, 2016

The Wax of Stackz

What happens when you load up your 250lb self and your 320lb friend who was a starting O-Lineman at Louisiana Tech and decide to hop on a tube together and let your wife drive the boat?

I'm assuming that this was a very joyous moment for her. 

We've picked on her for the last 15 years together. 

I heard pay back was a bitch...

I believe I heard correctly.

I mean, what's a few bruised ribs among friends right?


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

In alphabetical order too...

No, I will not venture into politics... But, the nobody owes you shit party sounds pretty good to me.

As slick as glass

We catch more fish by 7AM than most people do at work all day... 

Don't let the insensible bastards kill you today...

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My Texas

I get to see a lot of cool things on the sides of these Texas roads that I travel a lot these days... Here's a few of them...

The last one's my favorite. Talk about a guy who's head is in the right place...

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Back up in it

Hello out there. I know it's been a minute or two since I had the privilege of capturing your attention span. I've been away for a few months and after having many requests to return hit my email, I am reopening my little blogging spot. We have a lot to catch up on. So much has happened in my life and some of you have been privy to that. Thanks for hanging with me as I have made  huge adjustments in our lives that were much needed and for the better. I never wanted to just up and leave you, but after discussing our plans with my little barefoot smoking hot gardening squaw, it was for the best. I simply had to scale down my attention and focus on things that desperately needed my energies. Cut fence and go to work son!

I have a new job. Self employment is where it's at. No more wasting away in an office with no window for ungrateful motherfuckers that enjoy nothing more than bottling up your ambition, drive, and chances at success to be used at their discretion. Our business is doing quite well to be as young as it is. It's flourishing you could say. So from here on out, it's all on us. No bullshit reports to submit, no bullshit early Friday morning meetings that could have been sent in an email on Thursday afternoon, and no more unrealistic bars being set by parasitic vampire banker squids that you know are pipe dreams in which you have to pretend to work hard at and try to reach them just to keep your job. All of that fuckery is over, thank God. Tech and Security is my job now, I'll leave it at that. 

We sold the Backyarder Camp and have moved our base location a little further north. No more 90 degree Decembers for me in the hot ass swampy gumbo mud of SETX. I will actually get to experience winter in East Texas this year. You know, where you can actually tell the change in seasons. We are now lake siders and I fish damn near every day. The beer is pretty cold too. It's been a breath of fresh air to my soul. I will be attending flight school for helicopters soon and have plans to obtain an FFL and also earn a Texas State Certification to be a License To Carry instructor in and around our little lake community. The sky is the limit. People need help learning to shoot and defending what is theirs.

I've been a busy man. Still training when I can. I train like I fight, because sometimes you only get to lose once. You should do the same. I'll be around when time permits. Flip through and enjoy...