Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meet some of the illegal "poor" children coming across our border

Then see this

And this

And this

And this

Are you inspired by these "dreamers" yet? Are you sympathetic to their plight? Do you see who some of their supporters are? Ask yourself one question... Do I speak spanish? If not, you may want to go ahead and brush up a little.

These people are here. These people have very wealthy political supporters willing to prop them up in the US. This is all while you scrape by every week barely making it paycheck to paycheck, slaving away at a job that gives you yearly 3% increases that never keep up with inflation, all to pay for a home that'll you'll never own because the property taxes say so. Feeling inspired? Are you still excited about draining your soul to get by honestly every day while these people skate in illegally and are handed a bouquet of TANF cards, clothes, housing, and medical care?

If you've been sleeping on this border issue, pay attention.

Something tells me it's about to get very interesting.


Anonymous said...

You know it. I keep my 12 gauge within reach...all the time.

Dapandico said...

Golf gun to put a hole in Juan