Thursday, January 22, 2015

For sale: Buy the world's biggest barbecue pit for $350,000

You may remember sometime back last summer I posted a pic of this behemoth smoker. It can now be yours for the right price.

Along Highway 290 in Brenham sits the indisputable proof that everything's bigger in Texas.

"It's the world's largest barbecue pit," says Kim Folsom, proudly describing the giant smoker in her front yard.

Weighing 40 tons, stretching 75 feet in length, ventilated by seven smokestacks, it's the "Undisputable Cuz," a barbecue pit so huge law enforcement authorities have required special permits and escorts just to move it down the road. Drivers passing through Washington County sometimes stop and take pictures of the black behemoth sitting alongside the road between Houston and Austin, perhaps drawn by the hand-painted sign proclaiming it the planet's biggest barbecue pit and offering it for sale. 

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Firehand said...

Read something about big smokers years back, along the lines of "You, too, can own your own EPA-disturbing, property-value-lowering, can-make-people-drool-at-a-half-mile, mobile hog crematorium!"

But this takes it to a whole new level.