Thursday, January 22, 2015

Under $300 Complete Deck Addition

I've got a few pallets put up for a little spring time patio addition. My Little Smoking Hot Barefoot Gardening Squaw cannot wait to get it done because The Backyard holds so much water during the winter time, that ducks could probably light in the pooled water and hang out a bit. If you haven't noticed by now, she has some influence on what gets posted here. Ain't nothing like getting a pat on the ass and an attaboy for keeping her happy. 

If you're like my camp is, you can't just drop 4k on a poured slab with all kinds of fancy shit added to it to have an outdoor entertainment area. Yeah it'd be nice, but we cannot justify spending that much when we can do it ourselves and save a ton of money doing it by using concrete blocks and wood that we already have. 

Here's a good place to start learning how to do it. Enjoy.

Second Wind of Texas

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