Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This is what happens to your brain when you stop eating sugar

I have a huge sweet tooth. I always have. My friend and fellow graduate student Andrew is equally afflicted, and living in Hershey, Penn., “Chocolate Capital of the World,” doesn’t help either of us.

But Andrew is braver than I am. Last year, he gave up sweets for Lent. I can’t say that I’m following in his footsteps this year, but if you are abstaining from sweets for Lent this year, here’s what you can expect over the next 40 days. 

Sugar: natural reward, unnatural fix

In neuroscience, food is something we call a “natural reward.” In order for us to survive as a species, things like eating, having sex and nurturing others must be pleasurable to the brain so that these behaviors are reinforced and repeated.

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I went cold turkey once with my sugar intake and lost about 30 lbs in 2 months. It's ridiculous and sugar free cookies suck. I've found that drinking soda with real cane sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup are a little better for you if you have to have them.


IRISH said...

If you think about it, the only time our ancestors had sweets was when the fruit was ripe on the vine ( or honey). When I say fruit I also doubt it was a one pound apple like we can buy today. Wild berries are no where near as sweet as the store bought. Nowadays you can go to the market and get fruit year round. It is only in recent modern times that we are able to do that. When I get blueberries they are usually from Chile.( I don't like to think about how they are grown or handled as well as how long they spend getting shipped). Modern industrialization is both good and bad :) Oh well , back to my GMO veggies from the microwave! LOL

Stackz O Magz said...

Irish, that's the main reason I wish I had a little bit more land to grow my own veggies and freeze or can it. The shit that is in our food is outrageous. I can't complain too much though, one of my largest accounts is one of the Big 6 GMO / Pesticide producers in America. The company has six business segments: chemicals (basic, intermediate, and performance), plastics (thermoplastics, foams, and urethanes), coatings (automotive and coil coatings), fine chemicals (vitamins, feed supplements, and raw materials for pharmaceuticals), agricultural chemicals (herbicides, insecticides), and bio-technology. Hey, I know, we do what we gotta do. We're all going to die of something one day, nobody gets out alive.

Anonymous said...

One Mexican import I approve is Mexican Coca-Cola. The more expensive stuff you see in the supermarket. Drink one and your brain instantly remembers that stuff from before the formula was changed. Much MUCH better taste. Try it and see how many years your attitude it takes. :^)

Sugar and bread. Lay off that stuff and your gut shrinks. I'm not a sugar addict but I loves me bread, even wheat bread. I can go without it for a few days before I'm barking for it.