Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Left Behind : No break for the wounded

Blood pressure warning. Proceed with caution...

A roadside bomb hit Sgt. Jerrald Jensen's Humvee in Iraq, punching through heavy armor and shooting a chunk of hot metal into his head at several times the speed of sound, shattering his face and putting him in a coma. "I wasn't supposed to live," the veteran lisped with half a tongue through numb lips. "No one knows why I did. It's shocking." Even more shocking is what Jensen did next. After 16 surgeries, the sergeant volunteered to go back to combat in one of the most savage corners of Afghanistan, where he was injured again. Perhaps most shocking, though, is what happened when he got home.

Jensen returned to recover in a battalion at Fort Carson designed to care for wounded soldiers called the Warrior Transition Unit. In the WTU, the soldier with a heroic record said he encountered a hostile environment where commanders, some of whom had never deployed, harassed and punished the wounded for the slightest misstep while making them wait many weeks for critical medical care and sometimes canceling care altogether.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, you're right. My BP went up. These asshole armchair officers at Ft. Carson are an absolute disgrace to American soldiers.

Stackz O Magz said...

Ex, it's a god damned shame. I absolutely loathe going to the VA Hospital because I see how some our severely wounded Vets are getting by in life. There's always a Vet yelling at one of the water heads that work there because "they just don't fucking get it"... Nothing new under the sun my friend.