Monday, August 10, 2015

Out with the old

I was in a labor camp over the weekend, I swear...

We had a 10 year old Frigidaire Gallery front loader set that was top o' the line when they came out back in 05'. Them days are long gone and I'd say we got our money's worth out of them. We beat em' to hell. The washer died two weeks ago and needs a new $200 control board, and that's about a 3rd of the price of the new one. It would have been a waste of money to fix. The SHLBGS has been schlepping the wash back and forth from the laundromat and has not been very happy about it with bulged discs disagreeing with her fortitude. So, to remedy that, we upgraded. High capacity is the way to go. Yeah, it takes an hour per load, but it does twice as much. It spins out at 1100 rpm on the highest setting, so the dryer doesn't have to work very hard at all. I was unaware that our old Frigidaire machines were that outdated and behind the curve. I'm a dude. I don't pay attention to shit like that as long as it works, but the SHLBGS loves the new ones, so that means I do too. Whatever makes her happy, I'm all for it. These machines have some very neat energy saving sensors on them. LG for the win.

Next up was the dishwasher. The downfall of that thing was my fault. A few months ago, I had the delightful experience of ruining it. I stepped over and across the open door as I was loading it and hit a spot of water on my heel, which caused my entire body to come crashing down on the rack that was full of dishes. It was funny to those who saw it, but not so much to me. Imagine that. Seriously, the shit was brutal. It cracked tile. That sudden and massive crash of 245lbs caused the mounting brackets to rip out from under the counter top and I broke the door catches that keep it from over extending. In fact, it broke so bad we had to put a small kid chair under the corner of the door to keep it from tipping over and the rack from rolling out onto the floor. I mean I absolutely creamed that thing. LG won the replacement debate as well. It's a fine machine.

So after all of the discussion about the washer, dryer, and dishwasher, I hear the SHLBGS say she wants a Dyson. My lady, ask and you shall receive. I'll admit, I've been very skeptical about high priced vacuums and have wondered if they really are worth their salt. I'm sure you've all had those Kirby or Electrolux dudes show up at your spot to try and give their demos. I've seen those demos too and those high priced kits do it all with extreme vigilance. Those machines are ridiculously strong and would pull the magma out of the earth if you left them on long enough. The Dyson DC40 Animal is what we went with. It is unreal what you see is left behind from the cheaper $100 range vacuums. The old Shark vacuum has been passed on to mawmaw n'em. With 4 dogs and a certified death dealing Maine Coon cat hanging around, we needed a little help. This thing gets it done. 

I'm happy. She's happy. So happy together.


Hat Trick said...

"Happy wife. Happy life" :-)
Thanks for the reviews. I'll be looking at those when I get my new house.

Bonnie Gadsden said...

Stackz, I refurbish washers and dryers on the side. I very much dislike front loaders and computerized machines. Always breaking and very expensive to fix. When they do work, they work very well though. Best of luck with the new machines!


Stackz O Magz said...

I refurbished the old washer into a pretty cool little fire pit last night. I completely understand now why they are so damn heavy. I laid it down on the door side, cut the two trampoline springs, then pulled the plastic retainer pins for the shocks, and rolled it over on its side to roll the plastic and concrete encased drum out of it. After 20 or so screws out of the casing, I finally got the drum out. I kept the belt pulley to slide back over the drum spindle reversed for it to make a base for the drum to sit on. It came out nice.