Thursday, December 17, 2015

Minority Report is here: Microsoft reveals app that can predict crimes in the future - and could even decide if inmates get parole

Predicting and preventing crime once only seemed possible in science fiction films.

But now, Microsoft is developing a program that has the potential to mimic the powers of the 'precogs' from the 2002 film Minority Report and stop inmates from becoming recurring offenders.

This new technology could predict which inmates will return to jail within six months of their release, based on historical data.

'It's all about software that has the ability to predict the future,' said Jeff King, a senior program manager at Microsoft, in a webcast with police departments earlier this year that has virtually gone unnoticed.

The program, which has not been named yet, is still in early development stages and the data used in the proof-of-concept isn't from real inmates.

An algorithm will be used analyze specific data of each inmate, such as their crimes or their behavior while incarcerated.

King noted this works with up to 91 percent accuracy based on historic data.

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