Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pit Bulls and Peanut Butter

I may have told some of you fine folks who read here about a female pit bull that the BB Camp rescued earlier this year. Basically, someone shot her male mate who was also a Pit Bull, and left her on the side of the road, in labor with a puppy breached, and full of rat poison. She was found in Alvin Texas.

A friend of ours in the neighborhood rescues bully breeds and when we were asked if we could foster her for a few days, we couldn't say no. So, we took her in for a bit while she recovered from her c-section to remove the breached puppy that was dead and to give her time to nurse the one puppy that survived. A few days go by after we get her, and her pup died. She started bleeding profusely from her south end and it would not stop. She was taken back to the vet by the lady who asked us to foster her and was looked at by the Vet to see what the problem was. He determined that instead of just shooting her, like what happened to her male companion, the sorry motherfuckers just fed her rat poison and dumped them both on the side of the road. It was determined that the rat poison is what killed the puppy since he was nursing from her milk. The Vet put her on Vitamin K to help her blood start clotting again and she started healing. We believe the rat poison also blinded her in one eye. 

The poor thing, she was all skittish and you could tell she'd done been through some pretty traumatic shit in her short lived life. We figure she had just come into her first heat around the 10 month range and was bred a little too soon because some shitbags wanted puppies to sell for God knows what. It's taken her months and months of getting to know us and to allow us to love her like she needed it. She's finally acting like a normal dog. I think when you rescue a dog, you not only rescue them, but they also rescue you. 

She had her first peanut butter experience the other night, and holy shit, was that a fun thing to watch... She now enjoys her Kong jam packed with peanut butter. Hey, better the Kong than my damn sheet rock and door trim. Like I said, it's taken a while for her to completely trust us, and now every day when I hit the door it's like a damn linebacker hitting me because she can't get to me fast enough to lick me and show me she loves and misses me when I'm gone. She's turned out to be a great dog. We've only had to stitch up one of the little dogs once, but that little dog had it coming because she wouldn't leave her alone, as she was still learning the layout of the house and learning her place in our pack when that happened. Her name is Mama Dog and she looks after our youngin's like they are hers. It's a pretty neat thing actually. Anytime someone cries out or whines, she's right there to see what the commotion is. I wouldn't trade her for a golden monkey.


People who've never owned a dog do not grasp unconditional love. Example: Lock your wife or dog in the trunk of a car for a few hours and come back to let them out. Your dog will be really happy to see you and cover you with licks just because they love unconditionally. I can't really say the same for the Wife... Y'all have a great afternoon.


hiswiserangel said...

So very cool, tell her Max says "hey" and give her a hug from me.

Anonymous said...

Those that kill and murder the innocent are not to be afforded the same considerations of the civilized.
Kudos to you the love of your new family member will now be forever yours.