Monday, December 7, 2015

These graphics show how to pick locks and break padlocks

The art of picking locks may seem like the stuff of action-movie heroes, rather than a commonly known skill. But with perseverance, an understanding of locks, and the right tools, anyone can become a successful lock pick.

Although most advanced and higher-end locks can only be broken with purpose-made picking tools, improvised lock picks can be used to crack low-end or improvised locking systems. According to retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson's book "100 Deadly Skills," all it takes to create a lock pick is two paper clips, a hard surface, and a pair of pliers. 

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The article is a great example of why you shouldn't ever have much faith in locks... 

One of the most important elements of lock picking is proper tension. Buy good tension bars. The snake, hook, and half diamond are the back bone of any half-ass serious lock picking set. You can learn this skill in a few hours or less... Jiggle jiggle y'all... 

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Anonymous said...

I am quite good at it myself and make my own picks out of hack saw blades. Tines from a leaf rake make good tension bars