Thursday, April 30, 2015

If you're reading this it's too late.

So what happens next? Does your memory jog back a bit and you remember thinking "man, I've got enough, I don't need any more"? Do you remember when your significant other said "You bought what!!??" "Why do you need that much!!??" For me it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. Do you start looking at asking your friends and family if they have any "extra" they can hook you up with? If you've been on your game, (and you fucking better be) you've been buying it and putting it up for situations like this. Don't think for a second that folks with decision making powers have any qualms about denying you the right to self defense. Without the ammo, your gun is a high dollar paper weight or pugil stick. Not that I don't like pugil sticks and don't enjoy a good butt smash or stab to the face, but a pugil stick is just a pugil stick. It doesn't spit venom at 2300 fps in high volume. Having ammo gives you options. It allows you to make choices that were not available when you didn't have any ammo. Options are good. We always need options. Never let anyone wield the power over you to decide if you can get what you need when you need it. For the love of Pete, PLEASE don't be that mall ninja that thinks his shiny, slicked and tricked AR that never leaves the safe ever has enough ammo to feed it. Feed that sucker! Buy ammo, train with your weapons, learn to shoot, scoot, and communicate. Then, buy more ammo while you can. Cut back on the 4 packs of Oreos you buy every month and invest in precious metals like lead, brass, and steel. 
I'm Stackz O Magz and I approve this message. 


skybill said...

Hi Stackz!!,
Funny thing you should mention that?? I concur, invest in "Lead," "Brass' and "Cold, Hard Steel!!!" Throw in a couple of bottles of Good Whiskey too!! 'Ya know they'll pull that too!!
Got Gunz,,,,,& ammo??,

Stackz O Magz said...

Correct you are amigo! I have my wine stash building as we speak. My little smokin' hot barefoot gardening squaw has told me a time or two that we would have the general store of the apocalypse. I tell her every time that ain't nothin' of what I've worked my ass off to put up for a rainy day will be for sale. I'm not a big fan of working hard so others don't have to anyways. Thanks for stopping in Skybill. III%, RIDE OR DIE !!!