Monday, November 17, 2014

4 DuPont workers dead in La Porte Texas chemical leak

LA PORTE, Texas — Two brothers were among four workers who died Saturday after a chemical leak at a facility here.

Family members said Robert and Gilbert Tisnado worked side by side at the DuPont chemical plant for six years. 

When the chemical leak started early Saturday morning, Gilbert rushed in with a gas mask to try and save his brother, relatives said. Tragically, both brothers died. A fifth worker was hospitalized.

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Bad new bears right there... At very high concentrations it is highly toxic and affects the central nervous system. They were in an insecticide unit when a valve on a holding tank failed. This is why I don't work in refineries and plants. Dying from a lethal dose of chemicals is not exactly how I envision crossing the river Styx.

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