Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm envious

With rifle season now open in my area, I've been into some serious camo research recently trying to discover possible new patterns that blend well with where I hunt. In the animal world, your scent is what gets you busted long before sight does. Not much I can do about that except wear the clothes that have been out in the woods for the last 3 weeks soaking up all of Mother Nature's glory. As a stalk hunter, I've got to be the hunter who never was there. 

The spider I posted yesterday was bad ass in his natural camo. I wish I could do it as good as this guy does it. I'm really glad these guys aren't 6 ft tall and have a taste for humans because you'd never see or hear him until he was all over you.


Anonymous said...

Often, the best camoflauge is just staying as still as possible. Motion attracts attention. A neutral color helps too, but even motion will get it noticed.

eatgrueldog said...

My wife has one of those.In addition to the amazing camo up front, he can also change colors.By exposing different areas of feathers he can change from brown to grey to red. He can blend in with any color of wood in the aviary and he is next to invisible until he moves. Makes me think about a raised profile 3d camo.BTW,that look is"Go away kid you bother me"