Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The bitch is cool

Remember the new addition I told you guys about a while back? 

The Pug-huahua?

I wanted to name her Tripoli, but got out numbered on the vote when it came up for discussion.

The offspring opted for Lilly Bean and she's an awesome dog. Her favorite spot is on my shoulder as I sit in my ridiculously overstuffed big man chair. 

My youngest, the baby Velociraptor, calls her Wiwwy Bean...

She's learned to stay away from this dude, Bootsy B, my large bodied Maine Coon. There ain't nothing moving across The Backyard without his stamp of approval. That's just how it is. I often have a ringed-neck Dove waiting for me on the shower mat when I step out of the shower. No thanks buddy, Dove ain't really my idea of breakfast.

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