Friday, November 14, 2014

Thermometer is reading Gumbo today

I'm loving this cold. The Norse DNA in my blood always allowed me to enjoy sitting outside in nothing but my silkies in Bridgeport CA when I was there doing Cold Weather / Mountain Warfare Training with 3 feet of snow on the ground. I'd get up early to go sit outside for a few minutes and really go into a deep meditative state. The guys I was with could never wrap their minds around how a boy from Texas tolerated the cold so well. It's all in the DNA baby.

Right about this time every year is when all those bags of shrimp I've been piling up over the last several months come in handy. We've got a big ole' pot of Shrimp and Sausage gumbo planned for the weekend. We don't buy our roux either. We make our own nice and dark. The darker the roux the better if you ask me. I may even freak it a little more with a pound or two of dungeness crab I've got put up. The more seafood you add the sweeter it will get. 

Who else has good eats planned for the weekend? 

I'm still waiting on North Texan to send me pictures of his Swine IED to post up so we can see how that came out. What's the hold up dude?


North Texan said...

5 little kids have been the hold up. But I'm off a week at thanksgiving. Gonna try to knock it out then.

stevierayv said...

You can never go wrong with gunbo.

Stackz O Magz said...

Holy smokes man. You know what causes children right? HA!

I'm off too for Thanksgiving. 9 days to be exact. I will be heading toward the Carthage / Laneville area to do my venison harvesting. Expect pictures here for that. I'll wait you out on your pictures dude. I know kids are a handful.

Stackz O Magz said...

Stevieray, you are dead nuts bro. Gumbo makes everything else in the world disappear for me. Sometimes I like to picture myself as mischievous stray dog that happened to stumble across a pot of gumbo sitting out somewhere and it gets knocked over so I can roll around in it.

North Texan said...

LOL! Yea the first 3 were caused by adoption. It's the twins that were the shocking additions.

Critter said...

Not gumbo, this weekend, but a sausage, potato, cabbage soup. Good cold weather food for those of us of German extraction.