Wednesday, July 1, 2015


NASA Confirms “Never Went to Moon” Van Allen Radiation Belts


NASA Engineer, Kelly Smith, works for Navitagion and Guidance for Orion Mission. ORION will NOT have Astronauts on board since IT WOULD be life-risking journey. The trip thru VAN ALLEN BELTS would HAVE TOO MUCH RADIATION and humans COULD NOT LIVE THROUGH THAT!
- He states “We must SOLVE these callenges before we send people through this region of spece!” (Van Allen Belt Radiation and communication failures from this radiation & Communications Interference…).
- But we were supposed to have DONE that already in 1969 when the first men, US Astronauts, landed on the Moon! Didn’t they land on the Moon? From what this NASA Engineer states, they apparently DID NOT!

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They make a valid point.




Anonymous said...

According to Wikipeida...The Apollo missions marked the first event where humans traveled through the Van Allen belts, which was one of several radiation hazards known by mission planners.[29] The astronauts had low exposure in the Van Allen belts due to the short period of time spent flying through them.[30] The command module's inner structure was an aluminum "sandwich" consisting of a welded aluminium inner skin, a thermally bonded honeycomb core, and a thin aluminium "face sheet". The steel honeycomb core and outer face sheets were thermally bonded to the inner skin.

In fact, the astronauts' overall exposure was dominated by solar particles once outside Earth's magnetic field. The total radiation received by the astronauts varied from mission to mission but was measured to be between 0.16 and 1.14 rads (1.6 and 11.4 mGy), much less than the standard of 5 rem (50 mSv) per year set by the United States Atomic Energy Commission for people who work with radioactivity.[29]

sth_txs said...

I'm still not sure about this one and I have an engineering background but always found physics a bit too abstract for me.

I've watched some of the Youtube stuff on this topic. There is some odd stuff over the years from NASA. Losing the original tapes. Loss of the LEM plans (I think it was the LEM). Also most of the missions seemed to have been completed with very few technical issues which appears statistically unsound.