Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The pains of .22lr

I've got a few put up for the kids and their habit. What really sticks in my crawl though, are the resellers. This $50-$60 dollar bullshit for a box of 500 that should be around $25 max is STILL ridiculous. Capitalism... Yeah, I know Dan, fuck off. Gouging on ammo is truly fucking people over. Instead of going to work like most of us, they are sitting out in front of the local sporting goods store until it opens and running in to buy their daily maximum and then have their spouse go in and buy the same maximum, then have their brother, sister, uncle or whatever the fuck go right back in behind them and buy it all out, only to turn right around on a local site to sell it at 50% or better markup. Shit ain't changed a bit. I do know this, if you time it right and do some research on who gets what delivered on what days, you can beat these gouging rats at their own game. I do. Funny thing though, they don't want to pay you what they are asking you to pay for it when they try and sell it to you at 50%+ markup. I get hit up to sell some of what I have sometimes. Not gonna happen ya shit dicks, we actually shoot ours instead of screwing people over in the form of a supplemented or main revenue stream. I'm a salesman who does millions in sales every year, you can't tell me shit about markups and "market value" that I don't already know. I just hate seeing folks raked over the coals just so they can take their grandchild or child shooting. It pisses me off.


Phil said...

It ain't just the one or two rat bastards either.

I met one guy who had traveled sixty fucking miles already that day hitting every Bi Mart store on a list and wasn't done yet.

I found a Surplus store a couple miles from here that had a guy open an ammo shop inside on a sub lease.
He wanted $50 bucks for 500 rounds too. When I winced at the price he told me it was the going rate around.


And if you think .22 LR is hard to find, try to find some .22 shorts!! Holy fuck.
Im- fucking- possible to find in a store anywhere around here and I live next to Portland Oregon .
That ain't a little town.

I won't even go shoot any of what I have because I want to double it first.

Stackz O Magz said...

Yeah I don't shoot any of it so the girls can get their kicks. I can have more fun with the x39's and VEPR x54R anyways. It's cheap and makes me happy. I'll keep an eye out for the shorts brother. Will advise if I find.

Stackz O Magz said...

Phil, just wanted to pass along I picked up 3, 333 packs from Midway today for .05 / round delivered. Free shipping coupons kick ass.

Anonymous said...

I don't think rimfire ammo prices will ever go back to what the price was, people see how much people will pay and will charge what the market will bear. the people I really feel sorry for - the new shooter who is trying to get in the game. Buying a firearm for non existent - rare ammunition (using .22 and rare in the description are STILL hard for me to comprehend). The few times I know of this situation, I pony up a brick for them because they need the help.