Tuesday, July 21, 2015

LONG-RANGE GAME CHANGER? The Ruger Precision Rifle

Just down the highway from me in New Hill, NC, hidden in the woods down a dusty dirt road winding through the pines, is Woody’s Hunting and Rifle Club. Woody’s is private club dedicated to long range field shooting and hunting, and hosts numerous precision rifle competitions every year.

I watched some of the best precision rifle shooters in the world compete there last year during a designated marksman’s match.

I’d love to be able to participate in that kind of shooting competition, but the barrier cost-to-entry is prohibitively high for me, as it is for most others. The starting price for many of the bolt-action rifles used in this kind of shooting starts around $4,000 for an Accuracy International, and can quickly climb to $10,500 for a Sako TRG M10.

The newly announced Ruger Precision Rifle (RCR) looks to change the equation.

More from Bob Owens here 


Now that's cool.

I love my Ruger tools.


Anonymous said...

OK it's accurate, But its still butt ugly.

B said...

Sadly, I refuse to follow any links that go to Bob Owens.

He's an asshole.

Anonymous said...

I'm a long time Ruger fan too, cut my teeth on Dad's Single-Six .22 revolver. A Super Single-Six was my first handgun.

No experience at'all with the Ruger - Armalite pattern guns - they any good ? I have a pair of Mini 14s, sold my Mini 30 so that is the limit of my experience with their autoloading center fire rifles.

Stackz O Magz said...

Everything has become "militarized" due to the huge fan boy market of folks out there that these companies cash in on and who also want to look tacticool without having to sign an oath of enlistment in the Armed Forces. It's all been glorified. What's your safe queen of choice Anon?

Stackz O Magz said...

B, we're all assholes in some form or fashion. I don't read a lot of Bob's stuff either, I just saw the gun and that's where it lead me to after a search.

Stackz O Magz said...

Anon, I couldn't tell you if they are any good. I have yet to get my sandwich clamps on one. But if I do, I'll be sure and pass along a review. I've had Rugers my entire life. I've never had a problem with their tools at all.

jon spencer said...

Hope Ruger comes out with a .22LR version after awhile. One C.F. for long range and the R.F. for short range.
It is a lot easier to find a 100 yard outdoor or a 50 foot indoor range and with reduced targets it can be the same sight picture as when you are at a 600 to 1000 yard range.
At 100 yards with the R.F. the wind reading comes into play too.
And maybe if Ruger does do a R.F. then maybe Anschutz will have a rival.

Stackz O Magz said...

I'd say they've done fairly well with the 10/22 line. I doubt Ruger will take it that far with all of the success that the 10/22 has had over the years. I think it'd be a cool little rifle if they did do a bolt version in this pattern for .22LR. I think it'd be a big hit with young shooters who are coming up.

Anonymous said...

1956 NM Type1 Garand , M-40A1 clone I had hand built by a ret. USMC armorer on a 1968 Remington 700 "C" action . Original HK SSG I picked up in '87, M-1903 NM , M-1903 Mk1 mint, M-1903A4 original "banner" "safari Mauser" in 30:06----and those are just my "favorites" Any questions? Take yer pick. And I still think its as ugly as Bruce Jenner and Hill'ry Clintons love child.

Anonymous said...

Rugers have been problem free as well here. I've heard a lot of grumbling about Ruger 10/22s which is weird to me - they are (were ?) considered the go-to in a reliable woods rifle . They are older models though, all older than 1990 so that might be a reason.

Or maybe its the ammunition - THAT has changed, I used to hardly get any misfires but now, its at least one in a couple of boxes. Sorry for thread drift.

I'm guessing if Ruger made a rimfire AR pattern, they would probably get someone else to manufacture it and sell it with the Ruger tag on it. A lot of people in that game now.

Stackz O Magz said...

Not gonna lie, I'm a little hot and bothered by that list you just rattled off. Very nice! Please come back to talk guns and drop good jokes anytime you like!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mags for the minis are all after market and near useless. As Ruger won't sell factory hi-cap mags to anyone but LEO/FLEA's .. IF you can find factory mags at a gun show or find a collector with a box hidden in the safe you can expect to pay north of 100USD per mag. UNLESS "P Mag" starts making mags for the Mini I'd trade 'em off for something else if it were me.