Wednesday, July 22, 2015

When your forward assist game is a bit heavy

Never had this happen before. I tapped the forward assist and it pushed the bullet back down into the case. This happened twice with rounds from the same box.

This would be the round below. I know better than to try and fire it due to the possibility of pressure increase from it being seated further back in the case... Kaboom = Bad

Thoughts? I think this could be why the Cartels love Lake City and Federal over their own home grown Aguila brands.


Steve Finnell said...
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Stackz O Magz said...

Not the place for this. You lost?

millerized said...

Is your feed ramp correct? The slightest nick in it will catch. Try a different mag as well.
But if the bullets aren't crimped in well, you're gonna have more problems. I'd drop a few bullet first on a solid surface, measure before and after. If they move, send/take them back to where you purchased them (or reseat/crimp each one before using). What happens when one crawls back into the case during extended firing strings, and you didn't notice it? Unless you're single feeding them by hand, don't use them. JMO,YMMV

Stackz O Magz said...

Yessir, the ramp is good. I'm definitely chalking this up to the mag. I was given two Promag 42 rnd plastic pieces of shit. Now I know why they were given to me. :) Those rounds came from Lucky Gunner about 3 years ago on a fire sale at $14.00 / 50 rnd box. I bought 1000 so I'll just have to keep an eye on the crimps. They will be shot up so I can move them out of my inventory. Thanks for dropping some knowledge on the topic JM. Come back anytime.

Hat Trick said...

I think millerized is on the right track on a light crimp. If you look at the amount of crimp on yours loaded in the magazine and the promotional photo it would seem they went a little lighter on the crimp in production. Would be easy to fix with a single stage press and crimp die but I'd still watch the first couple of magazines carefully. The first round in the magazine there needs to have the bullet pulled and check the case to see if it's a little bent axially. That dimple makes me suspect that it is.