Friday, October 23, 2015

It's benefits enrollment time

Awesome right? It's that time of the year where you get to pick and choose what coverage you'd like to purchase for you and your family's medical, dental, and eye insurance needs.

The Backyarder Camp plan from 2015 has changed and will not be considered the same plan in 2016. It has gotten worse actually. In order for my camp to be on a co-pay plan, we will need to move up to a more expensive plan.

Without going into specifics about earnings, the 35.64% increase in premium costs for 2016 that I was just punched in the dick with, will make things a little interesting in the financial planning department of the Backyarder Camp. We are all going to have to get creative if we plan on maintaining the level of comfort we are used to. We don't live in a McMansion, have very little college loan debt left to pay, and all of our vehicles are paid for. We have good credit thanks to responsibly planning our purchases and sticking to a disciplined and punctual repayment plan. How much more responsible do you have to be to catch a fucking break these days?

Here's what happened... ACA was passed as "law" and the insurance companies saw that as being backed by the government financial enforcement arm (IRS) to basically increase their premiums to what the market would bear. When you have the government saying "You must purchase this or be taxed gradually over the years into oblivion through withheld income taxes, property liens, or personal property confiscations for not participating", they are giving the green light to insurance companies to basically raise their prices to what they think people can pay. Yeah, sure you don't have to participate, but don't think for one second that they won't take a tax cut out of your ass for it. And so, by forcing you to purchase something through threat of heavy taxation, it has opened the door for insane increases that the insurance companies know they can get away with.  

Government cannot make something cheaper, without making it more expensive for someone else. Politicians understand that. Since it doesn't effect them directly, they don't care, and they will still continue to pander for your vote so that they may continue their political journey. Higher prices = more profits = more lobbyists throwing money at politicians. Higher costs literally mean more money in the politician's tailored silk suit pocket. They understand perfectly what they are doing. If someone can extort money from you that you have worked hard to earn without your say in how much they can take or how it is used, we are no better than indentured servants or slaves. Your freedom dues have been fucking canceled, no rebuttals, only compliance from you here on out!

I knew all along that this wasn't really about HEALTH CARE, but more about getting your money to someone else. It appears to be making insurance companies richer and covering your share of the "free" health care to the poor, on the backs of those who are working. It may be more beneficial just to pay the penalties, get a cash job that is not taxed like a company check before it is deposited into your account, or just sell off every fucking thing you own to go live on a boat and have no place to call home except for where you tie off at. 

Central Planning and Socialism. Fail and Fail. Proof that you can sell anything to an adult with the mental proficiency of a 3 year old.

Free and Fair. Hope and Change. Yes we can. Obamacare. 

Thanks for believing in Unicorns, rainbow sorbet shitting magical fairy ponies, and mythical things such as political saviors.

Adjust your game accordingly, because it's only going to progressively get worse. I have several dependable friends in the finance industry who have told me that this fuckery is just getting started. Just wait until 2018.. We ain't seen nothin' yet.

Sometimes I consider being "awake" a blessing and a curse. Mostly a curse, because the more we understand about life as we are currently forced to live it and who controls it, the more depressing it is to find out you’ve been lied to your entire life. 

We are ants on the regulated farms of authorized taboos, living in an approved control grid, that is managed by sycophants...

Ignorance is bliss they say… I just can't swallow that pill and exist in this colony of debt like a dumb downed mental midget, never will. Critical thinkers are their own worst enemy sometimes.

Y'all try to have a good weekend. I'll be in the East Texas Pines. Hopefully the Cat 5 Storm that's hitting Mexico at the moment doesn't jack it up for us... Never had a problem drinking while wearing rubber boots before, just sayin'...


Paul, Dammit! said...

Goddamn- I pay a shit ton for insurance, but it's pretty steady the past couple of years. I'm dreading the day when that changes.

Stackz O Magz said...

Yep, and didn't even have the common courtesy to give a man a reach around either... We will be alright, just have to adjust a bit.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention, "...paying your fair share".
As they say on the 'public service' advertisements, "...the more you know'.