Monday, October 19, 2015

Whatever it takes

This is a sore spot for me and I revisit it every once in a while. On my journey home from the salt mines this past Friday the 16th, I visited my local Academy to buy more ammo like usual, some duck stamps also, and was enlightened to find the 1400 rnd buckets of Remington .22 LR on the shelf. They had 6 left when I hit the rack and I bought two for $69.99 each. My offspring burn through it like there's no tomorrow. One for my private stock and one for my buddy who said he's been needing some and couldn't find any recently. Well, that's what you do for friends, at least the carefully selected FEW I have anyways. You look out for your brothers because nobody else is. He was happier than a pig in slop.

So yesterday, I was scrolling through some of my gun feeds and this popped up from a local group. I may also mention I was given das boot yesterday for calling them out on their fuckery. 

You see, someone thought it'd be a "cool" idea to start a local group, invite all of their ammo gouging reach around buddies to be admins in it, and then proceed to full on support each other in their gouging adventures on the internet. Anytime someone calls them out on their activities, they become hostile, start talking shit, and ultimately block or ban you from the group so that you don't fuck up their gouging market for any other sucker that's dumb enough to pay those kinds of prices because they don't know any better. Let's just say it's a select crowd of gun snobs and they ain't really my cup o' tea.

I could see someone maybe going up to $90 for one, but even that would sting just a bit.

But $120 for a $70 tub of bullets? 

No thanks.

I hope they choke on it. I don't enjoy seeing honest folks who need the ammo being raked over the coals.

Should have bought all 6 buckets and sold them for a $1 markup on their page to everyone except the dudes in the protection racket.

Ain't no fun when the rabbit's got the gun is it?



JNorth said...

Damn, that's half the price it is up here.

The manager of one of our local gun stores has been paying attention to who is buying lots of ammo and then he checks craig's list and the gun shows to find out who is reselling it for crazy mark up. He then declines to sell them any more ammo.

Stackz O Magz said...

JNorth, that's a good man right there. Hell, it's known that some of the managers at Gander Mountain were in on their little racket, got exposed for it, and now that same group doesn't have anything to do with Gander anymore. The fuckery is wide spread I see.

Anonymous said...

Bought a box of Win. M88 (1K box)recently - there were two boxes but I left one for someone else. Good to know that there continues to be those out there who wish to screw others ............. sad for the shooting community.

Hat Trick said...

I shudder to think that just twelve years ago I was getting bricks of Federal Gold Medal Match for the price you paid. Prices are too inflated still.

Hat Trick said...

I should clarify that I calculated the per round price for both to make the comparison