Thursday, October 8, 2015

Talk to me Thursday

I have nothing exciting to re-post or blog about today. I know, you'd think there would be something that has caught my attention long enough to merit a post, but it's just not there today. It could be that anything worth mention of discussing is completely pointless and irrelevant because we are surrounded by dumb downed masses of water headed and Department of Education indoctrinated retards who lack any critical thinking skills or desire to contribute anything positive to society. You see them every day on the roads while driving into work, operating heavy machinery while they're putting on their make up or playing on their major service provider's NSA approved tracking device called a smart phone, in line behind you at the grocery store with their cart a 1/2" away from your ankle bone, and drooling down their faces while standing in line at the voting station to give consent yet again to be governed by another fucking idiot who is in charge of a larger group of fucking idiots. I'm serious, take an honest look at some of the people you run across on a day to day basis. Most of them are operating in hardcore condition white, clueless as to how things really are, and could care less about anything that doesn't benefit them in some form or fashion. Oh it drains my soul to know that it's only going to get worse. And doctors just cannot figure out why there's been a substantial increase in cases of agoraphobia and anxiety. Let's see..

Common fears associated with agoraphobia / anxiety and my thoughts:  

  • Fear of spending time alone
Nope, I love it. Actually prefer it most of the time. Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver.

  • Fear of being in crowded places
 Not completely, I just like to enjoy my 6ft bubble of personal space without rude motherfuckers being all up in it that won't even look me in the eye to apologize for stepping on my shoe or spilling a beer on my leg. That's common courtesy. That shit is dead.

  • Fear of open spaces
Not completely, I love being out unrestrained in the open and free to move where I want. It's open spaces full of idiots that I avoid. Places like college bars, businesses that do not allow concealed carrier entry, Walmart on the 1st and 15th, and Black Friday sales stampedes.

  • Fear of being in places where escape might be hard, such as public transport and elevators
When you've been in convoys, you see choke points, entry points, exits, and kill funnels. I sit in corners at restaurants so I can at least see a 180° FOV in front of me. Profiling people is fun to me. I do not enjoy having massive drink and food trays lifted over my head by wait staff as I sit in scaled down isles with small tables and small chairs so that management can fit in more customers and make big guys like me completely uncomfortable while they do it. I need room to cock out my elbows before I break something. 

  • Fear of losing control in a public place 

Not necessarily a fear of losing control really, it's more like a fear of putting trust in everyone else around you in public to have the common decency to act like a fucking adult and not do something stupid that they will regret later. Maybe it's just that my expectations of our fellow man are set just a little too high. You know that asshole that hogs the left lane while doing 45 in a 75 for absolutely no fucking reason besides they are just an asshole and that's what assholes do? Yeah that one. That's going to be the one that does it for me finally, I think. All I can think about when I run across that person is putting them into the wall once I get up beside them. Come on, you've thought about it too... 

  • Fear of death

Nope. Never been afraid of it. Is this really a legit fear? Why would you be afraid of death? It happens to all of us. We start dying the day we are born, that's a promise. All I can say about that is just to make the most of what time you have here. It's only for a little while anyways. We're all just passing through... Seems to me that the problem is with most people, they are scared to live. What I mean is that they are scared of being judged for being who they are and living their life how they want to. Once you stop accepting the opinions of others about you, you free yourself to persue who you are without meaningless interruption from those who never mattered to begin with.

Rugged individualism is looked upon as a mental disorder. It really is. Some folks like to live out where they feel like they can breathe without so many people in their daily business. Some folks prefer to be packed into city living, piled right on top of one another, in close proximity to their basic needs because it takes minimal effort. Folks with the grit and determination to live outside the “approved” norms are recommended to be institutionalized, have unnecessary lawfare injected into their lives for it, and their rights to own firearms stripped from them because they are deemed to be public dangers. Society honors the herd mentality today and not inalienable rights. There are some who would argue that rights are social constructs, defended by force and open to change and improvement.

Until a few hundred years ago, most political philosophers believed that rights were natural, inalienable, God-given and self-evident. Today, most philosophers agree that rights are social constructs, open to change and we know who favors which philosophies about that. No need to help you identify that. Things are changing, evolving, and forming into new ideas about what our lives should be. Either we adapt or we die.

This isn’t a Constitutional republic, it is a disintegrating prison camp that is over run with debt, sycophants, and spineless leadership. I'll never apologize for being real and honest with anyone. I live in reality, not in a condition white fantasy land. 

What say ye?


Anonymous said...

That fear of rugged individualism comment rings a bell with me too. The 1st minute someone does something the 'herd' does not engage in, people freak out, if not outright lose their shit. And if your off time doesn't have TV, computer or an i-phone involved, you are thought of as 'strange / a bit off center'.

Even in the woods. Former associates would go to deer camp, then plug in music or a radio with sports. If out camping, the head lamp or flashlight was ALWAYS on. Artificial light - artificial noise. Doesn't always need to be on all the time.

Whats wrong with some peace and quiet ? Stars and a low campfire make awesome company.

Stackz O Magz said...

Anon, you're so right. I was always under the impression that a man goes to the woods to sign off for a bit. You totally get it. Please come back more often to provide some more words of wisdom.

North Texan said...

I'm guilty of taking my phone camping. It's got books on it. That's all I use it for while in out. And that's just really at night right before I close out. Nothing better than polishing off an evening of good camp food, some fine whiskey and camp fire with 30 minutes of a book. Mine are just electronic. Past that, all the other noise has got to go. I'm out to be away. Not bring the stress with me. Good points Stax. I'm not a sports fan, so it hard for me r me to see a stadium as anything other than a real bad thing waiting to happen with that many people all crammed together in one space. I'm getting where I hate eating out. People are rude, it's expensive and God only knows what's actually in your food. Weekends comming brother. Head up and knock out one more day. Dear seasons right around the corner too.

Anonymous said...

I figured out a long time ago that there is a difference between being lonely and being alone. I prefer and enjoy the latter. Being lonely means attempting to draw others into your life to 'fill a void' usually resulting in sacrificing any/all shreds of individualism and (usually) ending in broken relationship with more attempts to fill the 'void'. Just my experience ..............

Leigh in Whitehall said...

I am not a slave to the miniature zombie box, nor do I have the desire to become one. That is why I DON'T own a cell phone.
The downward spiral of civilization is what "fundamental transformation" is all about, right? You can't rule a people if they still have the cognoscente ability to draw their own conclusions through critical thought. If your average person could see just what a pile of shit their life had become, there would be blood in the streets. Yet the administration keeps the sheeple well stocked with bread and circuses. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain....

Best times of my life were spent miles from no where; with my '06, my thoughts, and the wind in the trees.

Whitehall, NY

Phil said...

It's comforting to know that there are still people out there who get it.
Dude, I so wish we lived closer .

Stackz O Magz said...

Phil, I try man.