Wednesday, May 14, 2014

You hammerheads listen up!

Do you have a little barefoot gardening squaw that likes to play in the dirt like you do? If so, then I suggest a little something you can pick up for her that'll make her put a lip lock on you that will make your toes curl. Gents, let go of that selective hearing and listen to your Lady sometimes. They dig that shit man...

Check out the Kangaroo Apron.


The extra-large front pocket on this apron leaves your hands free to gather waste without having to carry a container. For easy access, the pocket is held open to a 9" radius by an integral polypropylene hoop, and unfolds to a long chute to funnel waste directly into a compost pile or yard-waste bag.
With a bib to protect your clothes during those mucky jobs, the nylon apron can be quickly hosed off. Cross-back straps offer a universal fit and support for heavier loads. Made in Canada eh'. Smokin' hot little barefoot gardening squaw not included.

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