Monday, May 19, 2014

Gun Pornz

Where are my Mosin dudes and dudettes at? Do you love that piece of World War II bad-assery or what? I'm pretty fond of mine too, because I know for sure that the grim reapers of the eastern front used the Mosin-Nagant to single-handedly kill entire companies of enemy soldiers, and it's worth it's salt. I'd imagine some of you already know about this and if you do, please share your experiences with me. I'd love to hear what you've got to say.

About a year back, a buddy of mine currently living in South America who is also a former PSD Operator, turned me on to a company called Teludyne Tech. They make a barrel system called the Straight Jacket Barrel System that is like nothing you've ever seen before. I seriously think this is the way things are going to go for performance driven rifles in the near future. Basically, with the Straight Jacket Barrel System, you get a performance driven system that has active thermal management and keeps it cool to produce a cold bore shot, EVERY TIME. Their rapid heat dissipation is only part of the solution. The Straight Jacket Barrel System combined with their patent pending Muzzle Recoil Compensator uses the waste propellant gases to virtually eliminate recoil, provide stability, and keeps the rifle on target no matter how hard you get into the trigger.

You just have to go and see their site for yourself. I cannot express how bad ass this system is. They can put their system on any rifle you can dream of and it will give you new faith in an old rifle as well as bring it back to life. JC Dodge at Mason Dixon Tactical has used this system and left a great comment on their website. I do not know JC personally, but I read his blog regularly. So should you.

I am wanting to turn a 1939 Molot into the Moszilla. They'll build it from the ground up with all kinds of love put into it, just like the master craftsmen of old. They report that their customers who have gone this route are getting 1" to 1-1/2" MOA groups with the cheap 7.62x54R surplus silver tipped ammo. You know, the kind you can still get Tuna cans of with 440 rounds for about 120 bucks a pop. Have you priced .308, .300WM, or 30.06 lately in those quantities? If you already own the rifle and you have thought about acquiring another for long range capabilites, why not put that money into a proven system that works?

Somewhere, the Ghost of Simo Haya is fighting off that urge to reincarnate himself after seeing this, I promise...

It's truly amazing to witness some guys strap a damn barrel system to a cut out 2x4 stock with duct tape and hit pie plates at 1000 yards. See for yourself, it's unfreakin' real!

Now wipe off that monitor and go put some downrange will ya!


Critter said...

I have an old Tula Arsenal that I'm seriously considering putting a long eye relief Leupold scope on, simply because the thought of a scope that costs 10 times the rifle tickles frigging senseless.

Stackz O Magz said...

Critter if you don't want to go with the long eye relief / scout style, check this guy out. He makes solidly built mosin scope mounts that require no drilling and tapping...


I say you wouldn't need to dump a 1000 bucks into a scope for that rifle. A simple 3x9 or a 4x30 would do the trick if it's just for hunting...

Critter said...

I was just thinking of the lulz. I'd probably go with the POS Tasco "World class" I've got stashed in a drawer around here somewhere.