Thursday, May 29, 2014

This is a correct assessment

I think I'd lose my mind in a place like this. I sure wish I knew where this was because I'd start saving to make the trip.
Those ancient sounds of dusty vinyl do something special for me. Their scent is undeniable and you know you've hit a jackpot when you run across that scent at yard sales or flea markets. I always find something to add to the collection. Growing up I'd go stay the summer with my Pepaw and Granny, and they had the biggest collection of vinyl I'd ever seen in my life. I can remember being a 13 year old kid digging through albums all day in their record room, submersing myself in those sounds. They did not care one bit because they knew I was on a musical journey down the rabbit hole of all the great and not so great artists. I was very fortunate to have grandparents that bad ass. They don't know it yet, but my offspring are sitting on a gold mine of old vinyl. They'll thank me one day.

Who else of you readers has a nice collection that you pull from and take yourself back every now and then?


Phil said...

While I certainly don't have anything even remotely close to the collection in the picture, I do have about eight good sized boxes of vinyl that I have been packing around for a few decades now.

It's an eclectic collection but most of it is metal or hard rock from the 80's-90's.

Lot's of blues and county rock too.
I didn't even have a turn table for over ten years but I have a decent one now and an old Kenwood receiver/ pre amp that wasn't available to the general public from the late 70's.You had to be in the military and order it out of a catalog
straight from Kenwood.
My buddy found it in a car he bought at an auction.
I had to do some serious research to find all that out.
It's the biggest one they made and weighs over twenty five pounds.

Hooked it up to another Kenwood amp and you can't turn the big one up past three or four because it has 8 speaker jacks and is almost a freakin' PA system unit. It will blow speakers in a heart beat .

I love it.

Music sometimes touches my soul and there are certain tunes that make the hair on my arms stand up.

Stackz O Magz said...

Phil, that's what I'm talking about brother! You get it.... I know we live in the digital age of downloading music and I have my share of it, but nothing drives and interests me like the vinyl does. Those slick covers are filled with some of the best art ever. I've got a cheap Crosley record player. The sound isn't all that great but it gets the job done. I'm thinking I may have to try and swindle my grandmother out of her old vintage General Electric console player. Man I can remember sitting in front of that thing listening to Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby knowing I was going to get in trouble for playing those. It was always worth it.

Phil said...

Crack me up!

Chicken Heart and Rubber Baby Buggy Wheels!

Two of Bill Cosby's classics!

My Granny used to have a big old console like that too.