Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Background checks for ammunition purchases on the way

Gavin Newsom had a confession to make. California’s lieutenant governor doesn’t carry a driver’s license, he told about 200 people gathered Friday night at the Graton casino.

The subtle luxury that comes with being the second-highest politician in the state turned into a liability when Newsom walked into a drugstore and tried to buy Sudafed cold medicine.

The store wouldn’t sell it to him, citing state drug laws requiring identification for such a purchase. 

“But interestingly, you can buy ammunition anywhere,” the former San Francisco mayor told gun control supporters Friday night.

Unlike those purchasing over-the-counter medicine in California, people who buy bullets are not required to show identification, creating what Newsom says is a huge potential for gun violence. And surprisingly, he said, ammunition sellers also aren’t required to be licensed. 

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There's a reason that 5 Million people have left California over the last decade. 600,000 of them came to Texas. 

Pay attention brain stems...

People want greater economic opportunity (read that as a chance to live above poverty levels), less regulation (read that as meddling fucks in their lives that do absolutely nothing but make life harder for motherfuckers working for a living) and lower taxes (read that as TAXATION IS THEFT)

Ammunition background checks... Boy that's rich ain't it?

Who's going to pass this word along to the MS13's, Bloods, and Crips, MM's, AB's, and every other fucking gang in California? 

Surely they'll jump right in line for that right?




PeteForester1 said...

The scariest thing is, Newsom's "Safety For All Act of 2016" will probably pass; not because it'll do any good, but because the people in California are either too dumbed down (by design) to know what's going on, or don't know enough English (or Spanish!) to read the law! They're more concerned these days with what's on the menu at Panera, Starbucks, and "Dancing With the Stars.". They're fretting more about whether Johnnie should identify as a boy or a girl today. They're more concerned about jamming the homosexual agenda down our throats than they are about the fact that street gangs are running amok throughout the state. They see nothing wrong with $67M in tax dollars being taken from their pockets to finance Motor Vehicle Department "field offices," for the exclusive use of illegal immigrants ('Cause God knows, those people HATE to wait in line like everyone else!). After seeing the idiot they helped vote into the the White House interview a lunatic as she bathed in Froot-Loops, they wait with baited breath to see what their fearless leader will do next. How do I know this? Because, due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm stuck in the middle if it all!

What's happening in California is a disease that devours its host, and then moves on to the next victim. You say 600K people from CA moved to Texas over the last decade? I wish you luck, friend...

Stackz O Magz said...

Actually I've met some of those 600,000 people who have landed in Texas Pete. I hear what you're saying. The ones from NorCal are usually pretty cool with how we get down. It's the SoCal mentality that I can't vibe with. Had the same problem as a young Marine there at Camp Pendleton many years ago. Y'all can come to Texas, just leave your fucking unicorn fairy sorbet shitting pony utopia politics wherever you come from.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about ammo background checks, but I clearly remember back in the late 1980's / early 1990's that many gun shops / hardware stores wrote in ammunition buyer information for a period of time. Maybe it was right after Stockdale school shooting. Just passed it off as silliness and joked with clerks that they sure were wasting their valuable time.

We weren't as informed back then as we are now.

North Texan said...

Amen brother.