Monday, April 11, 2016

Repository Coquetry

I took a few of the tools out for a bit of target tomfoolery yesterday. I recently installed the Snake Eyes sights on an 87' Gen1 G17 and bought a 50rnd drum. Turns out the drum actually holds 55. As silly as it looks, it's pretty awesome once you get used to it. The ghost ring sight on a pistol is new for me. It's not a bad sight picture either. 

I am able to shoot with both eyes open so target acquisition is quick. Thanks Glyn Bindon. Did you know that humans have binocular vision? That our brain can process two images, turning them into one? When you place an object like a rifle scope or pistol sight close to your eye, your brain will naturally overlap the images and you will see two images with the reticle and the target far off. Try it sometime, you may be surprised. I think that shooting with both eyes open under 300 yards is the way to do it for me. The tritium on these sights glows very bright at dusk and dark. 

And I mean, come on, who doesn't need 55 rnds in a pistol? My truck gun is giving me the stink eye right now...


As always, when you're not training, someone else is...

Y'all have a good day today.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sweet. How does that thing balance out?

Stackz O Magz said...

It's balanced well EGD. I was expecting it to be a little heavy on the back end, but with the cant of the mag section toward the front of the drum, it's nice. I am picking up a few more to throw in with the Mech Tech upper.