Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wild radioactive Fukushima boars breed like rabbits, ravage local countryside

                                        © Petras Malukas / AFP

Northern Japan is raising an alarm, as the area surrounding the Fukushima Nuclear disaster zone has been overwhelmed by radioactive wild boars, whose population has increased dramatically over the past 4 years, as they breed freely in the exclusion zone. 

With the number of animals steadily growing, the boar population has been devastating the crops of farms in the area. Since the nuclear disaster of 2011, damage to agriculture caused by boars in the Fukushima prefecture has doubled, amounting to some $15 million, according to a report from The Times. Boars also pose a threat to public safety, as reports of rampaging wild beast injuring local residents while roaming the streets have become more frequent over the past few years.

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"Despite boar meat being considered a delicacy in northern Japan, the meat of wild boars from Fukushima area is not suitable for human consumption because it contains high concentrations of radioactive substances."  

I'm guessing that it's not okay to eat the Japanese from the Fukushima area either. What, you guys don't like Long Pig?

Hog Hunters of Japan : You're doing it wrong.

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WL Emery said...

Good shooting from the helicopter. I didn't really believe you could hit anything while being flown around like that, but that guy sure knocked the hell out of the hogs.

I've got a small group from South Dakota that's available for wild hog control, and would go to Japan at a very reasonable price. Given a week or two, we'd have 'em all on the run, one way or another.

Anonymous said...

They need a Japanese version of "American Hoggers", that will fix them right up. Jerry Campbell - where are you ?