Monday, April 18, 2016

Fog of War Lifts Revealing FEMA’s Martial Law

A mystery has veiled events over the past several years.  The audacious Bundy Ranch invasion; the secret Jade Helm Special Military Operation; the horrifying imprisonments and execution by federal public servants in Burns, Oregon; and the odd protocol following the death of Justice Scalia.  These peculiar actions have inserted into our collective DNA a haunting question, “What is happening to our country?”

 I/I FFOG of War

 (Intelligence and Investigation Function Field Operation Guide)

The Fog of War has been lifted to reveal a gruesome Naziesque landscape.  FEMA is executing a new Intelligence and Investigative Function known as l/l furthering its death grip on American soil. The new I/I will be seamlessly activated every time a federal agency or federal dollars are granted, even for common gatherings like parades, concerts and sporting events.  It is very provocative indeed that a disaster agency is granting itself fresh sweeping intelligence and investigative powers over all Americans and their daily activities. 

The I/I is tasked to accomplish preserving potential evidence at crime scenes such as collection, documentation, and securing, establishing chain of custody, comprehensive investigations, apprehension and prosecution of Americans. It will also serve as a conduit for situational awareness, or boots on the ground, even within your own city. 

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