Monday, June 29, 2015

Alaska Silence & Solitude

Some folks just can't be bothered by it all...

My Alaskan readers, I envy you.


Bill Horvat said...

My wife and daughter just got me the 4 disk set and book for fathers day. awesome set of videos.

Stackz O Magz said...

Bill, you got some fine ladies in your life Sir. They've got good taste. I have plans to get myself up there to Alaska one day to see what all the hype is about. I may not come back, ;)

Anonymous said...

I had much the same idea when I was graduating high school (1981). I wanted to live in Alaska, making my living as a hunting guide. Even bought the rifles to do it, a Ruger 77 .338 Magnum and Remington 600 .350 Magnum. A cabin by the river with a fish wheel - sounded like heaven.

Then talked with my cousin who tried the same thing, he being a few years older than I. Lived in Washington state so he had previously developed some connections up there. He moved there for a few months, then gave up. Said it was hard - very hard in fact. The early 1980's was a major U.S. recession and jobs were extremely tough to find. To make it up there, you needed a good wad of cash and KNOWLEDGE of what you were doing to make a go of it, even those sometimes not being enough.

I still intend to visit Alaska - probably not in winter though :^) Those LIFE BELOW ZER) / LAST ALASKANS type of shows show me I don't have those skills.

But a visit - hell yeah!