Monday, June 15, 2015

Score one for the good guys...

Libyan terrorist leader behind 2013 slaying of Nederland native killed in US airstrike


Officials said that a U.S. launched airstrike in eastern Libya has killed the terrorist leader behind a 2013 attack on a gas plant in Algeria that killed at least 38 hostages. One of those hostages included Victor Lovelady of Nederland.

The 57-year-old engineer was one of three Americans killed during a four-day siege at a natural gas plant in Algeria. 

Lovelady is survived by his wife, and two children. His brother, Mike Lovelady, was a former Nederland fire chief. 

Pentagon officials say that airstrikes targeting the veteran Algerian militant, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, were carried out by U.S. aircraft Saturday. 

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Victor was a local. It makes a lot of us happy to know the shit head behind his death got smashed on by our superior air capabilities. 

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