Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Legs and lungs are screaming, but for good reason

I've got a little work left to do to get myself into what I consider mountain shape. I have been getting in 2 miles a day and running the stands (aka snakes) at the football stadium. I'm almost ready to go 3 miles at a time again. Getting there! The Backyarder Camp will be in Colorado come this July for some well deserved fun time. I have big dreams I'm chasing on this go round'...

One of them is to make it up the Manitou Incline  under 45 minutes. I think that would be a good time to try for considering what the Incline is.

The next mission will be to hump it out up to Barr Camp on Barr Trail, going up the trail to Pike's Peak. I know I cannot make it to the summit of Pike's Peak. I'm not dumb. But, I'm fairly sure of my abilities in that I can make it to the Barr Camp.

There are many other trails that are close to where we are staying and I intend to make several of those as well. 

I cannot wait to get there. It'll be nice to get a break from this damned Texas humidity. We will go and we will conquer.


Anonymous said...

Getting in shape for your hike is a good idea, but ENJOY the sights and experience as well. Whats the point of getting there in record time if you miss seeing something amazing. Its why I quit riding bikes in the wild, I was watching the road instead of enjoying what I was riding through.

I totally get getting out of the humidity - Gah, I hate summer temperatures. Have a great time in the mountains - I'm jealous as hell!

Stackz O Magz said...

Anon, I do enjoy the sights there. In fact, almost every morning we are there, we usually hit one of the tallest rocks around and sit up there to drink coffee and bullshit until the sun comes up. I've often gotten the feeling that I could just walk off into the mountains to never be heard from again, and be just fine with it. It's such a beautiful place to sit and soak up. I feel like I've left part of my soul there that I need to go back and find.

Anonymous said...

If you have a chance and haven't done it yet, the Durango - Silverton narrow gauge railroad in the extreme southwest corner of Colorado is awesome! Made me want to go Sasquatch right there and then.


Its pretty much a 3/4 day round trip, but I think you can drive up to Silverton too. Bonus - Mesa Verde is in the area as well.