Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#patriot Hack of Fed.Gov clearance database, much worse then the government is letting you know

This post is a follow-up to the previous post Potentially everyone who has ever had a clearance compromised by latest data breach on the OPM hack.  Thank you “DB” for the links and help in getting this information out to the community.  We have learned more over the previous week. One of the reasons we have warned Americans to be concerned about the massive databases that commercial companies and the federal government are building on them is because they can be stolen.  We who work in the IT security field know that anything can be hacked eventually.  The more databases, the more of your personal life is recorded and can be taken by hackers.  Remember all of these people’s Social Security Numbers (SSN) are stolen, and those are never replaced.  If you are a current or former federal civilian, or if you are related, or a close friend to a former or current federal civilian your information is most likely in the hands of the communist Chinese. Here is what the government has said.

1. Initially, they did not know if they took the security clearance database. Lie.
2. That they found the security breach when upgrading their security system. Lie.

Story here 


Awesome. It will only make American federal civilians, many veterans, and perhaps even politicians with clearances easier to find. 


Phil said...

I'm sure you saw that LastPass, the password storage company, got their shit hacked yesterday too.
Their credibility just went down the shitter.

Stackz O Magz said...

Yes I did read that. I'm considering seeing what all the hoopla is about Life Lock and what they can offer. Couldn't hurt I guess.