Thursday, June 25, 2015

Throwback Thurzday

This old sound takes me back to when I was a youngster living on the farm in Indian Rock TX, listening to KWKH out of Shreveport, standing in the back of an old international pickup, 3 on the tree with the choke pulled, throwing out pellets for the cows while pop rolled out the hay bails, all before I had to catch the school bus at 6:15 AM. 

Some mornings I'd ride the old Ford 5000 tractor up to the black top, get on the bus, go to school, ride the bus back home to be dropped off a mile and 1/4 from the house at the bus stop, and ride the tractor back to the house only to have work waiting on me when I got there. I bottle fed and raised calves that I picked up off the frost when their mamas abandoned them in our old farm house in a big wooden box right there in front of our 5 radiant Dearborn gas heater. I'd dig 100 yards of fence holes a day and string 4-5 lines of wire because that's how it was. Didn't have much to drink in dad's cooler except Schaefer Light or a little sweet tea. I was the chute man who'd run the board behind the cows legs to keep them from pulling out of the chute gates while we cut nuts, horns, or gave shots. That was hard work for a young man but it was expected out of me. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Kids these days just don't know how fucking lucky they are and don't care either...

This was back when The Duke and Lee Marvin were still alive and being a manly man was encouraged. Now it's beta men in mom jeans on a fucking woman's bike and kids are getting the shit beat out of them because they are too scared to fight back because they'll get in trouble. Excuse me? Fuck that shit kid, nail that pussy right in the suck, right in front of everybody and you'll never have a problem with shit like that again.

Have a great Thurzday knuckle heads.

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