Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dem heads got an ahnvee for dat crawfish cunja tonight podna!

I hope this finds you well friends...

Cheers, A bientot, Salud, Skál, and good times to you and yours. 

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skybill said...

Hi Stackz!!,
Nice foto!!! 'Got my brain in gear...It's the end of January, those critter's, it won't be long around here to start popping up their little heads and "Wa-La!!" it's "Crawfish Season!!!!" I live in SE Louisiana and these critters are a "staple" around here!!" "That smell,....that sweet, spicy smell of Crawfish on the Boil.....it smells like......."DELICIOUS!!!!!"
You would have to bring up "Crawfish!!!!"
Got Crawfish.....OUTLAW!!!!,