Friday, January 29, 2016

Small arms sales skyrocket in Germany after Cologne assaults – media

Demand for self-defense weapons, such as non-lethal and gas pistols, pepper sprays and electroshock weapons has doubled in Germany, local license authorities say. 

After New Year Eve’s sexual assaults on women in Cologne and other German cities, more and more people are purchasing non-lethal arms or applying for licenses to obtain them. Top-selling items include concealed-carry handbags, air pistols, pepper sprays and stun weapons.

A dealer in the North Rhine-Westphalia region told Deutsche Welle his small arms sales almost tripled after the Cologne assaults, as “people no longer feel safe, otherwise they wouldn’t be buying that much here.”

The spike has been sparked by fears the large influx of refugees and migrants might affect public safety.

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My German readers, if you cannot afford a firearm, I have some other improvised ideas for you. These are simple and effective means to hit the "stop" button if you are attacked. You need to know a few critical striking points as well. 

The Yawara makes for a handy, easily concealed, and effective weapon. This one is whittled to have points on both ends and has 550 Cord as a lanyard for your fingers to ensure a tight grip.

The Kobutan makes for a nice decorated keychain doesn't it?

This is as prison yard as it gets... The old bandanna and lock marriage. Highly effective.

You guys ride bikes as well right? You have the means to lock your bike up don't you? 

You cats are some beer drinking son of a guns. How's about an aluminum tankard? It'll do other things besides hold your beer for consumption...

I know where the word Jägermeister comes from. It means Hunting Master. Red Stag deer have fine antlers. Do you have a mount hanging on the wall? Here you go...

Surely you guys play billiards right? Meet my friend Fast Eddy. 

There's nothing like a good piece of hickory...

My best advice is to be armed with something wherever you go. What your leaders have allowed to be done to you is unforgivable. Please take care of yourselves and your women. Guard them, protect them, help them.


Adam Selene said...

Good post. Improvised weapons are only limited by people's imagination: a roll of coins in your fist, a fine tipped pen held in your fist between the fingers, keys interlaced between the fingers and many more improvised weapons can be carried legally if not innocently.

Stackz O Magz said...

You speak dirty too... I like that. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

True story: I used to go to high school with this kid named Dion. He was just a mean sonofabitch and had this penchant for taking on groups of friends or brothers two or three at a time. He was not big at all, only about 150 Lbs. but he would invariably whip the crap out of them. After high school he joined the corp and I didn't see him for quite some time. Then I ran into him in a bar playing pool. He starts exchanging words with the guy at the other table and sets his stick down and proceeds to walk over. The dude bashes him in the mouth with his pool cue busting most of his teeth out and making the cue look just like the one above. Dion stops for a minute spits all of his teeth out and smiles at the guy all bloody mouthed." Now I'm going to f@cking kill you" Guy took one look and made a run for the door. Dion didn't kill him, but he made him look just as bad as he did. I am not saying that you can't take most people out with, just not Dion.

Stackz O Magz said...

Sounds like a good guy to know. I have a few friends like that. Little ones bunch up, big ones line up, it doesn't matter... Take care friend.

North Texan said...

Lots of tools. The weapon is a mind + the will to do what you must to get home.